March 10, 2017

March Again


Friday, March 10th, 2017

Outside my window...

The wind is blowing and I think I see the color blue.
The sun may be making his appearance soon. Will I recognize him?

All I know for sure is grey, white, wet.

I am thankful...

For my life.
With all it's trials, it is a blessed life.

I am wearing...

A turtleneck sweater: my uniform, lately

From the kitchen..

Smoothies a la Sophia

 Vegetable Beef soup

Bakery fresh bread with homemade pear butter

In our home school..

Book reports.

John Muir tales,
A Tale of Two Cities,
The Mandie Collection

I am learning...

How often we, Christians, act like in the story of Cain and Abel.

We want God to accept our ideas, our offerings.
When they conflict with scripture (which an "Abel" may point out), the common
response is to rise up against our brother or sister in Christ.

We accuse them of being legalistic, or heretics, or worse.

Why don't we all just let God be God? Do what He says? Do things His way?

Perhaps it's because, in reality, we want to be God, or make God into our own image.

I am enjoying...

Coffee in a pretty cup and saucer

I am going...

shoe shopping for the kids then to the dentist for a crown.

Shoes and teeth...always on the To-do list.

I  remember...

Our neighborhood field trip to Great Wolf Lodge and
The Howling Tornado water slide I was coaxed to go down.
Why? oh Why?

What is so attractive about one's inner organs dropping to the floor while the rest of the body hovers in mid-air? I don't get it, although, once my knees stopped knocking together, I did laugh.

I am reading...

Missionary stories.

Going to begin one about Wilfred Grenfell.

The kids and I will start reading Hamlet aloud.
Not everyone is on board, but I think it will be fun in the end.

Around the house...

Emotions, Ideas, Jokes, Shenanigans, Fights, Emotions, Nonsense, Goals, Dreams, Emotions: Life with teenagers.

Still, they aren't as volatile as I was at their age, thank God.

I am hearing...

Noah preparing a cup of hot cocoa,
The fire crackling in the stove,
The silence of the girls in their books and drawings.

A quote to share...

The realm of God is not going to be refined self, reformed self, or any kind of patching up of self. It is going to be none of self, and all of Christ. ~ T. Austin Sparks (sermon titled "Furnace of Affliction")

I wish more Christians believed this.

What I am thinking about...

The word "Seem"

Seem: to give the impression of being.

To seem is only impression. It does not mean IS. Yet, so often I live, or feel, or decide based on how things seem rather than how things ARE. I can trust God because He is I AM, even when He seems like something else.

Do you understand?

Some of my favorite things...

Warm Days
Sunny Days


A few plans for the month:

Naomi's birthday...14!

Discipleship studies,
Teach PeeWees,
Teach at the Prison
, Drive, Drive, Drive and Drive.

Dream of sunshine.

 Picture thought to share:

Naomi baloney, my sweet macaroni, You're my pepperoni!

Happy Birthday, Lovey

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