July 11, 2016

No blue sky this July


Seven eleven sixteen

Outside my window...

The bare bones of a tee pee

I am thankful...

For the freedom to home school.

My children are not force-fed ideas inconsistent with our family values.
Today, at least, we can still choose our own beliefs. We can still live by them.
Perhaps not for long...

I am wearing...

antique earrings

From the kitchen..

Cookies by Naomi

We just finished the "never-ending" tri-tip.
Meal one: thick slices served with garlic mashed potatoes
Meal two: carne asada tacos
Meal three: steak quesadillas.

and there is still leftovers!!

Next time we make a tri-tip, you better come. We'll need help eating it.

In our home school...

Too much math for anyone, but it can't be avoided.

Naomi is sketching portraits.
Sophia is composing a medley of our favorite "goodnight" songs on her violin.
Noah's penmanship is improving.

I am creating...

New exercise habits...again.

I'm in charge of this fat and these muscles...Right?
So, "C'mon body! We're going for a walk, a fast one with hills!
Quit your moaning and stop making all those creaking noises."

I am enjoying...

An open schedule.
Free to help, or go, work, or play.

I am going... 

to host our Third Penny Auction.
I hope the weather cooperates.

I am remembering...

Nothing in my life is a surprise to God.
He knew it all before me. He will, He does get me through and

MORE than that...

He will work it all out for my good.

I am reading...

"Ourselves" by Charlotte Mason.
This book requires a lot of digesting.
I've read bits of it before, but now I'm eating it up...slowly.

Around the house...

Lit candles...grey days even in July.

I am hearing...

Noah's pretend battle noises as he plays with his Lego creations.

A quote to share...

"A Dual Self--The whole question of self-management and self-perception implies a dual self. There is a self who reverences and a self who is reverenced, a self who knows and a self who is known, a self who controls and a self who is controlled. This, of a dual self, is perhaps our most intimate and our least-acknowledged consciousness." Charlotte Mason, Ourselves

Some of my favorite things...

Essential oils for pain
Bergamot scented candles
Dreamless sleep

A few plans for the month:

Celebrate Noah's 12th birthday
A Penny Auction at my house
Boating, Yard Sales, Visits,
Curriculum planning for next year.

Some picture thoughts to share:

A final project from the girl's Script Class.