March 12, 2016

March with me


Friday, March 12, 2016

Outside our window...

a watery front yard.
Still raining with another windstorm expected tomorrow.

I am thankful...

For where I live, in the forest between two little cities I love.

I'm thankful for all the trees, the water views, the mountains, and the people.

I am wearing...

 A red and white polka dot dress.

From the kitchen..

Pretty dishes to serve our take-out on.

I've been working all weekend, so we are enjoying "El Pueblito"  Mexican food tonight.

I am learning...

How to talk calmly to people who are not calm.
This is a good skill to develop.
While I have been able to do this well in public, I have failed at home.

Step one: Do not seek to control.

I am creating...

New friendships

So thankful for all the unique and wonderful people that come into my life.

I am hearing...

Flamenco guitar music in the background

I am going... 

To make a mandarin orange cake

I am remembering...

My sister is coming up for a visit at the end of the month.

This makes me so, so, so happy!!!

I am reading...

Some missionary biographies
and testimonies of miracles.

Some Christians live lives where the supernatural is natural.

 I do too, but my supernatural experiences are so intimate and unseen. The miracles that these people experience intrigues me.

Around the house...

My kids are learning hard things.

Peace and Gratefulness are still possible even when difficult people are in your life.

They are years ahead of me. I didn't begin to come close to these hard truths until I was in my late 30's. 

A quote to share...

  “Is not the gospel its own sign and wonder? Is not this a miracle of miracles, that 'God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish'? Surely that precious word, 'Whosoever will, let him come and take the water of life freely' and that solemn promise, 'Him that cometh unto Me, I will in no wise cast out,' are better than signs and wonders! A truthful Saviour ought to be believed. He is truth itself.
~ C. H. Spurgeon

Some of my favorite things...

Visits from my family.

I have lived away from my family almost 20 years. 
It's so wonderful when one of them comes to visit. 

A few plans for the month:

Mow the lawn if the sun comes out...first mow of the year
Hang some flower pots on the bring a bit of cheer.

Bake a cake and buy a gift.

Middle Skittle will be 13.

A picture thought to share:

Here she is at ten years old.

Turning 13, she still wants a horse for her birthday.
I guess she always will until her dream comes true.


  1. Laura you live in such a beautiful area, and your home is such a peaceful place! How nice that your sister is coming to share that with you! And happy birthday! I wanted a horse when I was a child, never happened for me, but my life has been very full a.d blessed none-the-less :)

    1. I'm always telling my kids how blessed they are. Just the fact that they would think a horse is something they could ask for means they're blessed. I secretly wanted my own tree house or boat when I was young...secretly because it seemed so impossible. But with God all things are possible! God bless you, today and always.

  2. Your thoughts are so beautiful..and you see everything in the moment and practice gratitude...I march like you.

    1. Hi Lekha, I love it when I meet someone who marches to the same beat. Thanks for stopping by!


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