January 30, 2016

Peaceful Day


Saturday, January 30, 2015

Outside our window...

Sunshine teasing.

One minute I see him through the trees, the next shining on that patch of grass.
I love it when he pours himself through my window to warm my face.

I am thankful...

For good friends.

I am wearing...

red shoes

From the kitchen..

Tacos and...

if Sophia will do something with that bright bowl of lemons...

a lemon cake.

Pretty please, Sophia?

I am learning...

That not many Christians yearn for Christ.

We seek personal comfort, praise, or destiny over Jesus Christ.

I am creating...

lists and brainstorms and chapters.
It is hard to let go of such personal thoughts; to put them in a book.

If it wasn't for Fear this book would have been written long ago.

I am also learning to kick Fear's butt...he's not as strong as I thought he was.
Sometimes I find he is only a shadow and I laugh at myself for being deceived.

I am hearing...

"Brown eyed girl" playing in the background

I am going... 

to cut my hair

I am remembering...

The young man that asked for my daughter's phone number.

I don't think so.

I am reading...

The sermons of Thomas Doolittle.
I love the way the old preachers included poetry in their sermons.

Around the house...

new spaces as we rearrange the furniture and clean out those dark dusty corners.

I hate clutter.

A quote to share...

"We set ourselves on the throne and God as the created when we are concerned with time rather than eternity." ~ Thomas Doolittle

Some of my favorite things...

a good story

A few plans for the month:

The month is over!...but some events coming up are:

A disaster preparedness class with my neighbors.
Drive another field trip - this time high school boys basketball.
A thorough scrub of the house...dark dusty corners are calling out to me.

A picture thought to share:

Looking forward to Spring.