December 27, 2016

December daybook


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hello again. It's been a while

Outside my window...

A dwindling wood pile.

I am thankful...

For simple, quiet days at home.

I am wearing...

Coziness: my softest sweater(s) and warmest socks.

From the kitchen..

 Beef tips in gravy over mashed cauliflower and potatoes with
 Ceasar salad.

In our home school..

We're back in Kindergarten this week:
Playing games, working puzzles, coloring in books, eating lots of cookies.

I am creating...

Stories of unlikely friendships for my collection. The most recent, Miss Monotony.

I am enjoying...

My vacation, and
sleeping in every day.

I am going... 

Ice skating with my kids and their friends tomorrow.

(Read: watching from the sidelines while gabbing with the other moms)

I  remember...

Making a fool of myself singing karaoke at our neighborhood Christmas party.
It's my way of making everyone feel better about themselves.

I am reading...

The new Bible I got for Christmas.

It's lovely, black, hard cover, with my name inscribed in gold letters.
The old one was falling apart, past repair.

Around the house...

Evidence of much relaxation

I am hearing...

Squabbling, playing, laughing, running down the stairs too fast, stomping up the stairs too loud.

The fire crackling in the wood stove.

A quote to share...

"No man can be a Christian by knowingly and willingly taking Christ on the installment plan, as Savior now, and Lord later."

~ Vance Havner

(love that old preacher)

What I am thinking about...

2016 was a good year.

Lot of growing up: learning to do hard things, to not be afraid, to endure.

I wonder what next year holds?

Some of my favorite things...

New colored pencils for Christmas.
Sophia playing 'O Holy Night' on her violin.
Naomi giggling and squealing over any gift.
Noah with an armload of firewood. 

A few plans for the month:

Busy, busy days ahead.

Weekly Patch Kids meetings
Teach at ladies prison one Saturday
Dentist appointments
Archery classes
Chauffeuring here and there
Driving my morning and afternoon routes

 Picture thoughts to share:

Home sweet Home

Sophia being artistic with her phone

Special heirlooms, valuable because of the loved ones who owned them before me.

August 13, 2016

My friend, Simplicity

Silence is a welcome guest this Saturday afternoon. I spent the morning changing sheets, cooking, cleaning then cooking and cleaning again. All my preparations for teaching Sunday school are completed.

Finally, I enjoy the silence of the afternoon, watching the warm breeze blow the lace curtains, the birds fly from here to there, the cottonwood tree wink at me. My thoughts come out from behind To-Do lists to play. Memories, stories and conversations past invite me to remember.

Money was always tight when my children were young. I sigh with a smile as I look back. Simplicity emerges crowned with gentle beauty and I recall mud pies in the back yard, hours spent painting rocks, a swing hung in the magnolia tree.

The television broke when Noah was a baby; we never replaced it. Every other Saturday we would drive to Port Townsend to go to the beach. The children would play in the sand or enjoy sometimes cold or windy walks on the trails.

Snacks were simple: chips and avocado slices or apples dipped in peanut butter. The long drive meeting the joy of the destination turned any food into a happy picnic. Occasionally, though, we would splurge on clam chowder and hot crab dip. Those were special times. The tea was savored and the children sat nicely knowing it was a privilege to enjoy such luxuries.

Birthdays tested our friendship because of my longing to celebrate full force. Tears blurred my vision of the few small bills and pile of coins spread before me. Just as Jealousy and Self-Pity were about to comfort, my beautiful friend, Simplicity, would blow in laughing joyfully at my riches.

A balloon tied to a chair and breakfast turned into a smiley face became tradition. Each member of the family took a quarter of the chalk board to create a personal message while the birthday child was loaded down with homemade cards rife with secret messages, riddles, mazes, or puzzles. Small presents wrapped and decorated with whatever could be found were oohed and aahed over.

I don’t know how she did it, but Simplicity had her way for years. With beaming smiles, a whole roll of lifesavers, a page of stickers, a simple toy became treasures to cherish.

Life is not so easy now. Simplicity is too quiet in these noisy days. Facebook, Pinterest, and “keeping up with the Jones's” clamor for attention and promise much more. Entertainment, Fashion, Camps, Classes, and Bucket-lists, so flashy and loud consume our time.

But, sometimes, twelve-year old Noah comes home content after a solitary walk in the morning air. Sometimes, the evening is spent in gentle hours reading aloud George MacDonald or Mark Twain. Sometimes, Grandpa visits and we sing southern gospel favorites or press Sophia to play hymns on her violin well into the night. The doors are locked, the lights turned off, and as we say, “Goodnight,” we add, “What a great time!”

I see Simplicity beaming with beauty, having gotten her way again. I’m glad for her friendship, a true gift from God.

August 8, 2016

Glimpses X

Target practice

backyard "glamping"

Windy beach days

River play

Elk Sightings

"There is a river that won't run dry, It flows from the Most High."

Ferry to the city

Museum of Flight

First attempt at homemade Pad Thai

Playing Horseshoes.

Visits from Grandpa Don

Don't Go!!

Beautiful artwork.

Blackberry picking

Top of Mt. Walker

July 11, 2016

No blue sky this July


Seven eleven sixteen

Outside my window...

The bare bones of a tee pee

I am thankful...

For the freedom to home school.

My children are not force-fed ideas inconsistent with our family values.
Today, at least, we can still choose our own beliefs. We can still live by them.
Perhaps not for long...

I am wearing...

antique earrings

From the kitchen..

Cookies by Naomi

We just finished the "never-ending" tri-tip.
Meal one: thick slices served with garlic mashed potatoes
Meal two: carne asada tacos
Meal three: steak quesadillas.

and there is still leftovers!!

Next time we make a tri-tip, you better come. We'll need help eating it.

In our home school...

Too much math for anyone, but it can't be avoided.

Naomi is sketching portraits.
Sophia is composing a medley of our favorite "goodnight" songs on her violin.
Noah's penmanship is improving.

I am creating...

New exercise habits...again.

I'm in charge of this fat and these muscles...Right?
So, "C'mon body! We're going for a walk, a fast one with hills!
Quit your moaning and stop making all those creaking noises."

I am enjoying...

An open schedule.
Free to help, or go, work, or play.

I am going... 

to host our Third Penny Auction.
I hope the weather cooperates.

I am remembering...

Nothing in my life is a surprise to God.
He knew it all before me. He will, He does get me through and

MORE than that...

He will work it all out for my good.

I am reading...

"Ourselves" by Charlotte Mason.
This book requires a lot of digesting.
I've read bits of it before, but now I'm eating it up...slowly.

Around the house...

Lit candles...grey days even in July.

I am hearing...

Noah's pretend battle noises as he plays with his Lego creations.

A quote to share...

"A Dual Self--The whole question of self-management and self-perception implies a dual self. There is a self who reverences and a self who is reverenced, a self who knows and a self who is known, a self who controls and a self who is controlled. This, of a dual self, is perhaps our most intimate and our least-acknowledged consciousness." Charlotte Mason, Ourselves

Some of my favorite things...

Essential oils for pain
Bergamot scented candles
Dreamless sleep

A few plans for the month:

Celebrate Noah's 12th birthday
A Penny Auction at my house
Boating, Yard Sales, Visits,
Curriculum planning for next year.

Some picture thoughts to share:

A final project from the girl's Script Class.

June 23, 2016

Another June Tune


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Outside my window...

Grey and wet.
Last night it rained heavily. Today has been a constant mist.

I am thankful...

For the same old things.
Is that OK?

Are your children alive and well? Is your home a safe and comfortable place?
A happy place? Do you have food to eat and nice clothes to wear? How about electricity and running water? Yes? Then, you are like me! Very Rich!

But what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and yet lose his soul?

I am thankful that if all of this was gone, It is well with my soul.

I am wearing...

A black skirt with an aqua colored tank and black cardigan.

Ladies, will you join me in putting away the hoodies and jeans?
When you wear a modest dress you make our environment lovely.

A dress seems to say, "Today is important." And it is isn't it? It's the only one we have.

From the kitchen..

Maybe you should tell me what's in YOUR kitchen. It would be more interesting.
I seem to be in a meal rut.

It's either fish tacos or eggs on toast with avocado.

In our home school...

We are discussing two things: Personality and Creation

Number 1:

What does it mean "He who loses his life shall save it and he who saves his life shall lose it?"
Does the Christian own his personality?

Number 2:

God gave us His creation in order to create.
God created words, math, science, nature, color, music.
We are created to create, so, what are we creating?

I am creating...

That is the question!

I don't know the answer. I limit my thoughts to something artistic, which would be NOTHING.
But, then, I think of the environment of my home,
the training of my children,
the investment into my relationships.

Perhaps daily living is creating, creating a life for myself and those around me.

WOW. If I go there, where living is creating, I become accountable for so much more than surviving.

I am enjoying...

A summer off.

No bus driving until September.

I am going... 

for a misty walk with the kids.

I am remembering...

I need to clean all the vents in my house. They should be removed and washed with soap and water.

I am reading...

Parables of Nature by Mrs. Alfred Gatty.

I enjoy children's books, do you?

Around the house...

Pens, ink pots, paper.

Monday is, sadly, our last calligraphy/lettering class.

I am hearing...

The kids discuss their joint money.

Foot ferry and ice cream cones? Save up for a kayak? Bowling?

Now I am hearing, "MmmOOOOOOmmm!"

Uh oh. I don't want to get involved.

A quote to share...

"Rejoice in the Lord, always, and again, I say, Rejoice!"

We rejoice in the Lord, not our circumstances.
We rejoice always, not when it is convenient.

Some of my favorite things...

Ocean breezes,
Red poppies,
Tea and cookies.

A few plans for the month:

Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zilch.

Yesterday, I had many plans, but things have changed.
Again, I find myself living in the moment, this day only, wondering, waiting,
yet living still, doing the next thing.

I plan on cleaning my vents. Come over and help me...I won't splash you, maybe.

Some picture thoughts to share:

The city of Westport.

Looking up to see...

This! Inside the lighthouse at Westport, WA

June 11, 2016

Say you, say me

Another driver was in need, this time a broken down bus. I could hear the concern in the dispatcher's voice as she tried to come up with a solution. Quickly one, two, three drivers piped in on the radio offering help to transport kids or to bring a new bus.

I smiled. My heart was warmed at the quick and kind responses. Don't you love to see people reach out to help? Even better, don't you love it when you are the helper or helped? Helping is such a reflection of LOVE, I thought, "Surely, there is help in heaven." But, how could it be? Helping assumes there is a need. Could there be need in heaven? We know there will be no pain, no tears, but I'm thinking there will always be need. It is part of God's great design. Everywhere we look in creation one thing needs another for its survival, even for its pleasure.

Look, especially, at how He created our bodies with so many parts, or members as they used to be called, making up one body.

The eye is not sad; it does not suffer because it cannot hear. Nor, does the ear cry or complain because it cannot see. What about the heart or the liver? We rarely think about them, in fact we don't even see them, yet the body is dead without them.

Oh, if only we saw our need for each other! If only we LIVED our need for each other! After all, that is what God says we are.

For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. 1 Cor 12:12

It won't be lived out without humility. We are too prideful. I am too prideful, but I don't want to be. It takes effort to walk humbly, pride is such a close and deceitful "friend."

Humility requires us to recognize our limitations. "What limitations?" We immediately cry out that there is nothing we can't do. We quote scripture about it, we make lists, we pat each other on the back and encourage one another to "Go for it!" Pride also manifests in hiding. We hide our need.

Imagine if the eye was determined to hear. Imagine him snubbing the ear as unnecessary pushing himself to hear as well as to see. How foolish! Yet, isn't that how we live? We deny ourselves pleasure and capability in our effort to do or be more than was intended.

We reject one another, missing out on relationships, adamant that we don't need each other. Sure, we survive for a while. We enjoy our independence. A blind man can get along fine, so does a deaf man. But what of the most necessary members? The unsightly ones? The difficult ones? You know, the one who is always telling the truth, filtering lies as if they were toxins, like some lumpy, ugly, hidden...liver.

Eventually, the body dies without its necessary members. Who decides necessity? God does. It is obedience to His will, His plan for the body that moves us to accept and help one another.

I need you. You need me.

May 11, 2016

An Excerpt

“…bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ…” 2 Corinthians 10:5

Perspective is not Absolute Truth. It’s not even reality at times. If our perspective of reality is true we thank God because He is Truth. It is grace, love, the Holy Spirit that allows our perspective to line up with the truth.

Our perspective of Reality comes from our thoughts and feelings which we have dominion over. Just because a thought or feeling exists does not make it worthy of keeping. They could be lies.

We are responsible for our thoughts and feelings. Take fear for instance. Fear is rooted in our perspective—our thoughts and feelings—which often come from tangible experience. For instance, “Something” happened in the past, thus I am afraid it may happen again. Or, “Something” may happen, it is possible, thus I am afraid it may happen in the future.

We’re convinced our perspective is true and justified based on our past experience and future possibilities. However, God says emphatically, “Fear Not.” Fear is a sin. Anything against the will of God is sin. How can that be? Our fear is justified. “A” just happened; it can happen again. “B” may happen because anything is possible.

To obey God we have to allow that our perspective might need to be given up.

Do we love our perspective more than God? Usually.

Is fear a perspective or a result of perspective?

It is a result. Fear is the sin not the perspective. Our thoughts and emotions are not sin. To avoid sin we cannot live based on our perspective, but rather on TRUTH, on REALITY. Sometimes we cannot sense reality. We cannot see, hear, taste, touch or smell it. We must walk by faith.

But there is a fight.

Our greatest enemy keeping us from walking by faith is often Self-Defense.

Self-Defense convinces us that he loves us and has our best interest at heart. He will protect, defend and reveal to lift us up. But Self-Defense does not belong to the Christian. Jesus Christ is our Protector, Defender and Healer. He alone is Truth and reveals all. He alone is the one who sets us free.

Self-Defense promotes ourselves, justifies our actions, more deceptive even, he justifies our thoughts and feelings so that we keep them, so that we count them worthy to keep and then believe them.
Self-Defense makes us feel good and so we yield. We follow his lead. Whatever we yield to we become a slave to.

Are we slaves to Self-Defense? Consider these questions:

Are we willing to let go of our perspectives and trust God? Are we willing to allow God to defend us? Are we willing to be justified by Jesus, by His good works and not ours?

“Seek first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness.” This is what Jesus teaches.

A follower of Jesus Christ or a slave to Self-Defense? What are you seeking? God’s kingdom or your own? God’s good works or your own?

Self-Defense is a liar. His purpose is to make you believe that you know the way, the truth, and the life apart from Jesus. Depending on your bent, he may lead you to believe You  yourself are the way to truth and life. This is a popular path of belief, but it is not Christian.

To live the Christian life you may have to let go of your self perception, the thoughts you have of yourself. You may have to let go of all the “Yeah, but’s” or the excuses that begin with “Well, he did this…” or “She did that.” Difficult as it sounds, you may have to turn from feelings of fear and sadness to obey God. Obey Him by giving thanks and rejoicing, perhaps not in your circumstances, but in Him.
This is His will for you. His will is thanksgiving and joy, not based on your circumstances, but on WHO He is and on your Salvation in Him.

What weighs on you, dear one? A conflict? An unfulfilled desire? An offense? Needs? What are you afraid of? Are you willing to trust God?

It may be that you are to forgive and give grace to have the burden of conflict lifted.
It may be that you never receive your desire. Can you, no, will you be thankful and rejoice without it?

Is what you desire more valuable to you than God?

Are you in need? What if God doesn’t provide? What if his answer to your need is that you don’t need it. Will you allow that His grace is sufficient for you?

Afraid? Are you surrounded by evil? Will you trust God to deliver you from evil? What if that deliverance means giving up dependence? The source of evil in your life might be your friends, your abuser, your drug of choice.

Freedom is available. Trust God. He loves you. He is worthy of your trust no matter your perspective. 

One day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. All our perspectives will evaporate in the heat of the one Reality.

taken from "Invisible Life" © all rights reserved 2016
Please do not reprint without permission.

Romans 6:16 “Know ye not that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey, whether of sin unto death or of obedience unto righteouseness?”

I Thess 5:18 “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

May 6, 2016

A letter

Hi Mom,

It’s Mother’s Day. I’m glad there’s such a thing even though it’s painful for some; we mask our pain or put it in the cupboard to forget about it. Then, this day arrives, our masks are lowered, doors are opened and there it is: the reality of our pain and loss. I’m thankful because the truth is revealed and now freedom is possible.

Oh Mom! How I miss you! I forgot how we talked together. I cry because I don’t remember our conversations. Life moves fast with each day full to the brim, and yet, I don’t have much news to share.

The kids are growing.

Sophia is fifteen now. You would enjoy her. She’s fashionable and smart and funny. She’s like you in that she’s very aware of right and wrong. I want her to trust God when her only desire is for justice. However, when justice is met, then her desire for mercy overwhelms. So, we go up, then down, then up, then down. This road to maturity is a queasy ride. I often want to get off but I know the end will be wisdom.

Naomi Baloney is thirteen. She is amazed by life and by the world wanting to know and experience everything. I’m glad we chose to homeschool since it keeps us talking. Sometimes, she asks me questions I never would have asked you. Nothing is too personal or “gross” to talk about. I’m glad. She’s as stubborn as a brick wall, but also a delight. I guess being her mother is hard, easy, hard, easy: also quite a ride.

Noah, our little man is eleven, twelve this summer. Oh my goodness he’s handsome! He is also kind and simple. You would delight in him, I’m sure. At times he’s lazy and selfish, as we all are, and now that the girls are in their teens, Noah seems to pester them more; but I don’t think that will last. They seem to have a good foundation of friendship. He’s an early riser and always at my beck and call. I shouldn’t take advantage, but I’m afraid I do; he would do anything for me. Sometimes, I will find him lying around or out on the road with his stick. “What are you doing, Noah?” “Just thinking.” I wish you could know him.

The kids don’t spend much time with Luis. He’s become a globe trotter, always out of town. This makes me a true single parent. I miss you more than ever when I think of you raising us girls alone. I blamed you for so much. I didn’t know you were tired, I didn’t know how lonely you were, how fear hid behind every corner.

So, here it is Mother’s Day. I would rather have you to celebrate than to be celebrated. I ache for you! The cupboard is open, the pain is real.

But, Mom, it’s been good.

The best thing God has done for me over the years is to say, “No.” Obviously, He has said yes too; look at how blessed I am, but He has said “no” to big things. Nothing reveals the relationship between God and me more than when He gives me, or asks of me, something I don’t want.
I trust God. I SHOULD say I trust "God the Father-Creator, the Man Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit." It’s common now for people to say they trust God, when really it is “the universe”, which God created, or themselves, or solutions that they believe in.

A great benefit of my loneliness has been talking with God. He hears me and communicates with me, I love it. It’s called prayer, but for me it has become spending time with my truest, the fairest of 10,000.

I go to work and clean my house; I teach the kids, cook a little, visit friends; I cry a lot, and laugh a lot. I write little chapters to go into a book…but it is very personal. How do authors let go for publishing? I don’t know if I will ever publish it. We have plans this summer for camping and boating (no, not tent-camping. Are you kidding me?) Life is simple and good.  I wish you were here...every day...every day.

Happy Mother’s Day,
Love, Laura

Aren't they the best?

I love these kids!!

April 23, 2016

April Showers...not so much.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Outside my window...

a perfect Spring day...

Sunshine, clouds, sprinkles, warm air.

It's felt much more like Summer than Spring.

I am thankful...

for pleasure, 
for the ability to enjoy good things.
Have you ever considered how life is so FULL of good things!!

I am wearing...

 A red and white striped nautical shirt with jeans.

From the kitchen..

chicken salad lettuce wraps.
(secret ingredient: feta cheese)

I am learning...

Not to take things personally.

It's a little scary telling you that because now I am accountable.
Will I take my next trial personally or walk through it by faith?

When a crisis comes, if we see it as an opportunity to hear from God
then we don't take the crisis personally.

If, on the other hand, we are fearful, confused, or troubled, seeking only relief,
then we are taking the crisis personally.


I am making...

Plans...Summer plans.
Naomi wants to start her own business.
Sophia wants to go somewhere AWESOME.
Noah wants to use his boat...every day.

To do: buy materials for Naomi
get passports "to be ready"
mark calendar for days at the lake or the beach.

I am enjoying...

The blooming trees...especially the lilacs and the dogwoods.
I've also enjoyed watching the maple leaves begin and grow.
Amazing how they start out so tiny and grow larger than a dinner plate.

I am going... 

To hang some flower pots.

My camellia tree is almost finished blooming.

The rhodies are about to pop.

I am remembering...

My sister's visit.


Thank you for the laughs.

I am reading...

Phantastes by George MacDonald
It was a surprise from the owner of the used bookstore I frequent.
I love little surprises.

Around the house...

Fresh changes.
I traded out the red accents for teal and white accents.

It feels bright, cheerful.

I am hearing...

The kids happy chattering.
They took a hunting/survival class this week with our neighbors.
It was three long nights followed by a test on the fourth day.

Now, they can be trained on how to use our own guns.

A quote to share...

“As in all sweetest music, a tinge of sadness was in every note. Nor do we know how much of the pleasures even of life we owe to the intermingled sorrows. Joy cannot unfold the deepest truths, although deepest truth must be deepest joy.”
― George MacDonald, Phantastes

Some of my favorite things...

Walks in the sunshine
Beautiful paintings
Jasmine tea and almond tarts
The pain of a good laugh

A few plans for the month:
Get passports
A week of field trips
Visits with Miss B and Miss J and Miss M.

(I love a good visit, don't you?)

Some picture thoughts to share:

These are the beginnings of the maple trees...
the leaves are much larger now, about the size of my hand.

March 12, 2016

March with me


Friday, March 12, 2016

Outside our window...

a watery front yard.
Still raining with another windstorm expected tomorrow.

I am thankful...

For where I live, in the forest between two little cities I love.

I'm thankful for all the trees, the water views, the mountains, and the people.

I am wearing...

 A red and white polka dot dress.

From the kitchen..

Pretty dishes to serve our take-out on.

I've been working all weekend, so we are enjoying "El Pueblito"  Mexican food tonight.

I am learning...

How to talk calmly to people who are not calm.
This is a good skill to develop.
While I have been able to do this well in public, I have failed at home.

Step one: Do not seek to control.

I am creating...

New friendships

So thankful for all the unique and wonderful people that come into my life.

I am hearing...

Flamenco guitar music in the background

I am going... 

To make a mandarin orange cake

I am remembering...

My sister is coming up for a visit at the end of the month.

This makes me so, so, so happy!!!

I am reading...

Some missionary biographies
and testimonies of miracles.

Some Christians live lives where the supernatural is natural.

 I do too, but my supernatural experiences are so intimate and unseen. The miracles that these people experience intrigues me.

Around the house...

My kids are learning hard things.

Peace and Gratefulness are still possible even when difficult people are in your life.

They are years ahead of me. I didn't begin to come close to these hard truths until I was in my late 30's. 

A quote to share...

  “Is not the gospel its own sign and wonder? Is not this a miracle of miracles, that 'God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish'? Surely that precious word, 'Whosoever will, let him come and take the water of life freely' and that solemn promise, 'Him that cometh unto Me, I will in no wise cast out,' are better than signs and wonders! A truthful Saviour ought to be believed. He is truth itself.
~ C. H. Spurgeon

Some of my favorite things...

Visits from my family.

I have lived away from my family almost 20 years. 
It's so wonderful when one of them comes to visit. 

A few plans for the month:

Mow the lawn if the sun comes out...first mow of the year
Hang some flower pots on the bring a bit of cheer.

Bake a cake and buy a gift.

Middle Skittle will be 13.

A picture thought to share:

Here she is at ten years old.

Turning 13, she still wants a horse for her birthday.
I guess she always will until her dream comes true.

February 26, 2016

February bo berry


Friday, February 26, 2016

Outside our window...

Rain again.

I am thankful...

For solutions. 
Some things in life you learn to live with, but some things...

Wonderful! I am thankful for that.

I am wearing...


Looking forward to Spring and the rotation of all my
polka dot dresses. 

I'm tired of wearing jeans.

From the kitchen..


We've been out of our house the last few days due to septic issues.
It is so nice to be home!

I'll probably pull out the crock pot for something comforting.

I am learning...

About Seasons.

I passed two forgotten pleasures today: A giant maple and an old dogwood.

Forgotten for months, they are barren branches against a wet, grey sky.

Suddenly, I remembered them in their glory. The dogwood in full bloom is one of the most beautiful in the city (and, yes, I do rate them every Spring). The maple is a dream come true for shade in the summer and colorful beauty in the fall. Our family has planned many a tree house for this special tree.

But, today, they are unnoticed, unfruitful, and nearly forgotten.

Do you every feel like that? I do.

I feel that very much lately.

But this is just a season: a season of rest, preparation, and learning. 
Soon, it will be Spring, and then Summer, and then the winding down of Fall followed by another "dead" winter. 

 "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." - Gen 8:22 KJV

I am creating...

new thinking habits.

Thoughts come so naturally they seem a reflection of me.

I think, rather I am a reflection of my thoughts. Just because I think them doesn't make them true, doesn't make them mine. I am free to take my thoughts captive and decide if they are worthy or not. 
This house doesn't have room for thoughts that leave me defeated or afraid.

I am hearing...

The loud buzz of a crowd outside the shop.
(I'm typing in-between customers)

Many people come in to shop or chat while they wait for a table at the restaurant. 

I am going... 

to cut my hair...still...eventually...soon.

I am remembering...

My mom.

Is there someone you miss always?

I am reading...

Another MacDonald novel with the kids. 
Would you believe they ask to read "our book?"

It's been a nice tradition to read aloud together.

Around the house...


Why am I so excited about this?
Because the septic backed into my house earlier this week.

What a disaster!...a smelly disaster. Yuck.

Finally, everything is repaired and disinfected.

A quote to share...

 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he does shall prosper. - Psa 1:3 KJV

Some of my favorite things...


my own bed

a clean car

A few plans for the month:

Extra routes at work.
Plan my daughters birthdays.

A picture thought to share: