December 7, 2015

Glimpses IX

Can a tree be a friend?

This leaning beauty was my "good night" and "good morning" companion for more than two years.
 I enjoyed watching the birds flit in and out of its uppermost branches.
Now, when I look out the window from my bed I only see sky.

Climbing up to bring her down.

Two trunks intertwined.

Naomi watching in her own special way.

Noah waiting to help.


A favorite spot to think.
 Mt. Rainier in the distance.

The strong breeze off the water was so refreshing this day.
The view of the Olympics was crisp.
My little phone doesn't do them justice.


The kids decorated for Christmas as a surprise to me.
They did a beautiful job and the tree smells so lovely.


Can't wait for a sunny day to get some exercise.

It's been raining for days;
the sound of rushing water follows me on my walk.

My neighbor looks more prepared for the rain than I do.
I hope that dog has his own house. I wouldn't let him in mine!

Home sweet home...without my leaning tree it looks a little sad.


Kids and I participated in a Living Nativity.
We were merchants in a Spice Booth.
It was cold, wet and fun.
Pouring rain did not stop 4000 people from visiting the show.


My favorite place to hang out when the boutique is slow.
I've already spent too much money here.

Front view of a coveted piece at the glass museum

Side view.
And finally...

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