December 26, 2015

An Introduction

Truth is comforting. It never changes; it can be passed on from one generation to the next. It is solid. So why do we say “the truth hurts?” It hurts because, in order to embrace the Truth, we must leave off the lies. Truth cannot exist with lies. If it could, it would not be Truth. Truth is pure and uncompromising, which is what makes it such a comfort.

Have you ever been faced with a truth that made you wince with pain? That pain is the collision of truth with lies.

Truth is hard and solid. Lies are soft and pliable.  It makes sense to hold on to what feels good, comfortable and natural.  The thought of Hard smashing Soft awakens compassion in us. We are offended, quick to defend all that sought to make us happy and comfortable. This compassion moves us to embrace lies, to reject Truth, to even HATE the truth for its unwavering ways. However, if we are honest with ourselves, we hate lies. That is why we must call our soft lies truth in order to keep them, or to feign honesty, we call lies “OUR truth.”  But a truth that cannot be given to anyone and everyone is not TRUTH.

Truth is universal.

For many years I felt homeless. Oh, I had a house: a bed and other luxuries to enjoy under a solid roof. I lived, however, with a wandering heart. In my youth, I believed travel was the answer to this unsettled feeling. I set myself to check off a long list of destinations and experiences. I was off to a good start with Mexico City, England and Scotland, Alaska.

But, soon, I ran headfirst into a detour.

My travel plans were cut short with marriage then babies. Ah, I had found my place! Surely my wandering heart would settle down to makes its home with this gift, this little family. But that “home” was not a safe place. No matter how I worked to make it comforting and beautiful my heart longed for  safety, to fly away…to fly away home.

Satisfaction must be somewhere else, I thought.  My heart belonged with people: a good friend, my mother, my children, certainly other Christians. Like a bird alighting on a branch this sufficed for a resting spot.  But a branch is no home and soon the storms blew me off. Death, rejection, or disappointment shattered the illusion that a person could be home to a wandering heart. Besides all this, people change. They go where I don’t want to follow.

Again, I was lost and now wondering, “Where was home?”


Perhaps my heart would settle with work, with purpose? That’s it! A purpose driven life! My heart only needed a work to do to be at ease, to know that I have accomplished all that I was meant to do, to fulfil my destiny.

Oh, but the work is never done. The needs are never met, one need leads to another. I looked around and I saw his work was better and bigger. Her work was more beautiful and productive. Everywhere others had greater “success.” I wondered, “Am I doing all I’m supposed to do? Is it good enough? Why does my heart look elsewhere?”

Ever wandering, ever wondering.

Occasionally, I would catch a glimpse of HOME. I couldn’t see it or show it to anyone, but my soul knew it well.

It was a sigh, a relief, a sense of fullness and rest…even JOY…that came through my senses, all of my senses together or one at a time.

The glimpse sometimes came through the sun sparkling on the water, the tune of a song, the contrast of a vibrant green forest against a sapphire blue sky. Sometimes it was a scent or a taste that sent me home, the touch of someone I love.  I was tempted to get lost there, in nature, in music, in love. But these were only glimpses: shadows and shapes of my True Home, my resting place. These glimpses kept me searching. Where was it?

And now, I have found it. I am there. I live there while I live here. It is TRUE. It is solid and unchanging, pure and uncompromising; for anyone and everyone. It is Real Life yet, for now, it is invisible.

Real Life, Home for your wandering, wondering heart is invisible. But, like me, you can still live there. Do you want to go?

I know the Way. I know the Truth. I know the Life.

Do you?
(Introduction to the book I am writing called "The Invisible Life.")

December 7, 2015

Glimpses IX

Can a tree be a friend?

This leaning beauty was my "good night" and "good morning" companion for more than two years.
 I enjoyed watching the birds flit in and out of its uppermost branches.
Now, when I look out the window from my bed I only see sky.

Climbing up to bring her down.

Two trunks intertwined.

Naomi watching in her own special way.

Noah waiting to help.


A favorite spot to think.
 Mt. Rainier in the distance.

The strong breeze off the water was so refreshing this day.
The view of the Olympics was crisp.
My little phone doesn't do them justice.


The kids decorated for Christmas as a surprise to me.
They did a beautiful job and the tree smells so lovely.


Can't wait for a sunny day to get some exercise.

It's been raining for days;
the sound of rushing water follows me on my walk.

My neighbor looks more prepared for the rain than I do.
I hope that dog has his own house. I wouldn't let him in mine!

Home sweet home...without my leaning tree it looks a little sad.


Kids and I participated in a Living Nativity.
We were merchants in a Spice Booth.
It was cold, wet and fun.
Pouring rain did not stop 4000 people from visiting the show.


My favorite place to hang out when the boutique is slow.
I've already spent too much money here.

Front view of a coveted piece at the glass museum

Side view.
And finally...