November 10, 2015

Long nights and short days


Tuesday November 10, 2015

Outside our window...

It is dark too early.

Only 3:45 p.m. yet I need to turn on the lamps, light the candles, and close the blinds.

The birds are still flitting about...that's nice.

I am thankful...

For so much; life is good even with its hardships.

Simple pleasures are abundant:
walks in nature
pretty candles
polite manners
great music
blue jays in the trees
mascara and lipstick
red scarves

I am wearing...

An old shawl. Can you believe it is coming back in style?
 I gave this one to my mom one Christmas long ago, but
now, it is mine. I like to wear it at the boutique where I work.

It's very..."boutique-ish"

From the kitchen..

Chicken noodle casserole.

Too many carrots, I thought,
 but it passed the Naomi test...which is hard.

I am learning...

How to parent teenagers. Nah, maybe learning is too generous a word.
Perhaps I'm surviving parenting teenagers...How's that?

I am creating...

plans for the holidays.
I am going... 

for a walk tomorrow with a friend.

Some friends are for seasons, but most of my friends have been with me through the years. How good of them, and how blessed I am!

I am remembering...

Crying while driving in California several years back.
I was terrified of the fast moving traffic and the poor road conditions.

I know! It's a silly reason for tears, but I was scared and very inexperienced.

What a difference today! I laugh at the memory.

On our monthly trek into Seattle, I maneuvered through fast, thick traffic with no problem. Dare I say it was fun? No, let's not get crazy, I hate traffic.

Also, a few weeks ago I had to squeeze my bus through a pin hole...easy peasy.
I am reading...

Not much. Sometimes I'll read World Mag, or pick up some poetry.
The other day I read a short novel for fun.

I read the Bible, of course.


The kids and I have enjoyed some movies recently:

The Chorus
Foreign Letters
Around the house...

It is warm. The laundry is caught up...wait, it was...that lasted five minutes.
 Outside the house a new layer of leaves is piling up in the yard.
The gardeners were here last week. What a pleasure it was to come home to a clean deck and driveway. That lasted all of five minutes too. Well, it is FALL.

Recent thoughts...

Christians (including me) like to put God in a box.
It's not our intention, but if He could fit into our boxes, we could lean on our own understanding, we could even glory in it.

But don't you think those boxes limit our growth? That they limit our relationship with God?
What is a box for anyway but to trap?

Can you by searching find out God? can you find out the Almighty perfection? It is as high as heaven; what can you do? deeper than hell, what can you know? The measure thereof is longer than the earth, and broader than the sea. Job 11:7-9

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable. Psalm 145:3

Have you not known? Have you not heard, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, does not faint, neither is weary? There is no searching of his understanding. Isaiah 40:28

Some of my favorite things...

quiet, kindness, flowers, sunshine coming through Autumn leaves.

A few plans for the month:

Veteran's Day (off work)
Thanksgiving Day
My birthday
My sister's birthday

A picture thought to share:

My sister and me forty years ago.


  1. I love it that your God is not boxed.......He is everywhere in your life as evidenced by your meandering thoughts and grateful heart.

  2. So many things you bring up that I relate to right now: I too have been especially amazed at the early dark of these evenings, even though it always happens this time of year, and the fact that there is ALWAYS dirty laundry even though I just "finished" it, and traffic, don't get me started....and the last couple of days I've been involved in discussions with Seventh day Adventists, and watching many videos about the false doctrines, the history and affiliations, and testimonies of people that praise th Lord, managed to escape it...and because my parents, therefore I as well, was involved in it, these last couple of days really caused me to shake all of these ghosts that still hinder me.
    Love your blog, as always :)


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