October 18, 2015



Sunday, October 18 , 2015

Outside our window...

My kids riding their bikes in the misty grey...

I am thankful...

That with all the chaos in the world, all the good called evil and the evil called good, there is still a small corner in the woods where we can eat good food, enjoy a warm fire, bask in safety.

It is a good day.

I am wearing...

My robe and slippers....aaahhh. So nice and cozy.

From the kitchen..

Fish tacos
coconut popcorn

I am learning...

to let go.

I can only live my own life...not anyone else's.

This is hard for a mother to learn.

I am creating...

pretty coloring pages...do you think it is a silly pastime?

It feels like putting together a puzzle, only I'm in charge of the pieces and the colors.

I am going... 

to work in the boutique this week.

I am remembering...

two hugs on Friday...

One from a young man leaving my bus for another route. He came to say goodbye and sheepishly and quickly gave me a hug. Later that afternoon, a rambunctious curly-haired seven year old declared, "I need a hug! I'm going on the ferry tonight!" I obliged happily.

Driving a school bus has its perks.

I am reading...

This and that...nothing steady. I am so enjoying my Bible lately, especially the Psalms and Romans.

Around the house...

Clean kitchen cupboards and a perfectly organized pantry.

What a teenager will do to earn a phone back!!

A quote to share...

The invisible life we live is more real than the tangible, it
will last forever. All of my tangible life is one opportunity after another to choose which kingdom I will live in, whom I will serve, God or 'not God.'

Some of my favorite things...

soft sweaters

garlic fries

a fire blazing in the wood stove

A few plans for the month:

Drive a few field trips,
Kids to orthodontist,
Kids to youth group,
Kids to violin lessons,

One day you examine your life and all your memories are in the car.

Purchase wig and funky eyelashes,

(will be passing out candy at the boutique and must look the part.
I hope we don't have to deal with scary nonsense. I really hate Halloween.)

A picture thought to share:

Mr. Santos!! Stop reading the paper and burn it! The wood stove is cold.


  1. So fun to read, Laura!

  2. Laura! What a blessing to get those hugs! ....and, now you've helped me see what is missing in my life....a teenager who needs something from me, lol :) Thankful for the little blessings, and the larger ones He supplies His elect, such as the blessings of repentance and forgiveness. We have much to be thankful for.

  3. Enjoyed this. So much to be thankful for!


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