June 8, 2015

June tune


Monday, June 8, 2015

Outside my window...

Heat waves
Hot breezes
Glaring sunshine

I am thankful...

For the shade of a friendly forest

In the kitchen...

A baguette with turkey and provolone

I am wearing...

flip flops

I am hearing...

The fans blowing

I am going...

to be dog sitting all week

The kids are doing most of the work, but the dogs still seek my company first.

What's up with that?

Go play! Go do your business! Stop licking me!

Perhaps they know that I am not a "dog person"

He stares, thumps the floor hard with his wagging tail, drooling, he tilts his goofy head.
Oh FINE! I'll pet you...but don't think this changes things...you're still a dog and I'm still...

(What a good boy you are!!!...want me to scratch your tummy?)

On my mind...


It's not as simple as I thought.
It used to be a shallow pool I believed anyone could swim in, 
but now it seems like a deep place I wonder if I've ever been to.

Maybe there are levels of contentment...

I am reading...

not much

I am hoping...

to secure a Summer job...

I'm in the same boat as my teenager...what a funny thing.

I am remembering...

some stories I made up recently...about the bunnies that live in our blackberry bushes, the drama with Noah's pet turtle, oh and the one about that big rock in our ditch. It is keeping back a flood of chocolate milk.
I love how these stories have become 'inside jokes' for our family.

Also remembering the sound of my 2 year old nephew singing "The Lords Army."
So adorable!! Makes me want to hug and squeeze all his chunky sweetness.


Around the house...

definitely NOT these...

It was National Donut Day...what else could I do??

One of my favorite things...

honeysuckle on a hot evening...the perfume of summer.

A few plans for the rest of the month:

Finish my bus driving job...school is out in a week.

Welcome visitors and go visiting.

Make some decisions with potentially huge consequences...will you pray for me?

Some picture thoughts to share...

A recent walk to the beach

The cool and bright canopy of the woods we walked through to get to the water.

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