May 20, 2015

What's outside YOUR window?


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Outside my window...

A sunset gilded forest and lawn.

Are the trees green or gold?
Is the grass yellow?

I am thankful...

For good friends.
For answered prayers.
For sunny days.
For tea and chocolate.
For long hot baths.
For good sermons about my Lord.
For my sisters.
For my children.
For good laughs and hard cries.
Life is full...

In the kitchen...

chili burgers and

I am wearing...

navy polka dot skirt, hot pink top, ballet flats
a navy iridescent necklace to pull it all together.

I am hearing...

The quiet of the evening...chirping birds, frogs, crickets.
Has Summer arrived already?

I am going...

To be alone for four days this week.
I'll spend the time writing.

On my mind...

Miracles, Losses, Solutions.

I love this question from A.W. Tozer:
"Have you allowed leanness to come to your soul because you have been expecting that God would come around with a basket giving away presents?"

Along my path lately, I've heard of, or seen, many miracles and losses.
 I have sought solutions to deep difficult problems. 
God is behind it all, but for what purpose?

Our joy should go beyond the miracle.
Our suffering is more than the loss.
Our circumstances require more than a solution.

That more is God HIMSELF!

I wish you were here.
 I would talk your ear off with my thoughts and questions over this topic.
Writing will have to suffice.

I am reading...

Wendell Berry, one of my favorite authors.

Just pure and simple pleasure when I pick up his novels or poetry.

I am hoping...

to persevere this weekend. I don't want to get distracted with loneliness.
It is hard to have my children gone from me...FOUR DAYS!

I am remembering...

Their baptism.

Sophia, Naomi and Noah were instructed, then invited to be baptized.

It was their choice, and it made me so happy.

Around the house...

Small changes here and there as we prepare for a good friend to move in with us.

One of my favorite things...

The gold at the tops of the trees as the sun is setting.

A few plans for the rest of the month:


A picture thought to share...

So happy that beach days are here again!


  1. One always feels a little empty when children go away from home, but I am sr you will your days successfully :)))) Thankyou for sharing my our day.

  2. I hope these days go well for you. Keep "whistling" and counting your blessings. The Lord is always with us!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement ladies. It's always so nice when you come to visit. God bless you and your families.

  4. Always love reading your blog, so many things to reminds me of how Mary heard so many wondrous things about her Son, and how she pondered them in her heart, and how she must have felt when she Sam Him crucified.

    Love all the photos, lots to cherish, beautiful...


Thank you for your kind comments. I love visiting with you and I hope you come again.