March 28, 2015

Marching on...


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Outside my window...

Clouds, but occasionally, the sun breaks through. 
Noah is filming something outside...ants?
Naomi is hard at work making her best fairy house yet, complete with a swimming pool and pink camellia roof...adorable.

I'm sure our six-year-old guest next week will be delighted.

I am thankful...

For my neighborhood: Safe, beautiful, quiet.

In the kitchen...

Fish tacos and fresh fruit

Also making "albondigas" soup for a potluck at the Spanish church tomorrow.

I am wearing...

jeans and tennis shoes.

These are the ugliest clothes I have.

I'm sorry ladies, I know they are comfortable.
Why else would I wear them on this Saturday afternoon?
Do you think jeans rob us of looking feminine? I do.

I am hearing...

The wind blow through the trees.
Sometimes it sounds like waves crashing on the beach.

I am going...

to take Sophia to the salon for her fourteenth birthday.
She is excited to get her hair done.

Naomi's birthday was last week.
To celebrate, she met her friends at the theater to watch Cinderella.

Did you see the film yet? What a dream come true for a little girl!
Ages 3-16, but they were all moved by the dream of being a princess and the cherished choice of a prince, not only that, but to wear such lavish beautiful clothes!

What a gift that this universal longing is satisfied
in the robes of righteousness Jesus clothes us with.

" the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee." 
Isaiah 62:5

We walked over to the ice cream parlor after the movie; 
unfortunately, her cake was frozen solid.
What else could we do but dig in bite by bite?

Sure, Naomi is twelve years old now, 
but for me she will always be...

On my mind...

How everything points to Christ.

Do you see it? 

Our struggles showing us His strength and provision.
His creation showing us His wisdom and creativity.
Our desires showing us His desires and drawing us to Himself, 
who is the source of satisfaction.

He is always on my mind.

I am reading...

not much. 

I am hoping...

A few more ladies sign up for our retreat.

So far, we have eight, the goal is fifteen. God knows who should be there.

I am remembering...

My recent visit to the courthouse...what an ugly experience. 
Should I even share it?

The courtroom packed with broken people seeking justice.


One by one we take our turn before the judge baring all of our sad domestic issues:
divorce, custody, abuses.
Nothing is hidden, all is exposed. Strangers witness our pain.

Then, the ruling.

"But, your honor, have you considered...?"

"I have ruled Madam. Next!"

Justice. Justice according to the grace, no mercy.

What a beautiful hope we have in Jesus.

 Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:
Isaiah 55:6

Around the house...

Lovely roses given by Amelia to Naomi.

Quince branches from a friend's yard. I love pink.

One of my favorite things...

No, I can't believe she is fourteen years old!!


A few plans for the rest of the month:

A wedding
A Seder dinner
Resurrection celebration
Spring driving for a week.
Ladies Retreat

A picture thought to share...

Recent choir concert. They did a fantastic job. Can you find the Santos kids? 

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March 13, 2015

Afternoon Tea

 I'm Having...

You already know what I'm having...jasmine tea.

Lately, I've also been drinking lots of lemon or orange water. 
Such a sunny refreshment.

What would you like to drink?

This time I brought the cookies!

Coconut and Lemon crisps.

I'm feeling...

Tired, Frustrated, Provoked one minute...

Rested, Content and Thankful the next!!

This is what happens to a woman who can't see, who is walking by faith.
I don't know where to put my foot, but as I listen then obey it lands in a sure spot.

I am also feeling Glad. Glad that even though life doesn't line up with my plans, 
I LOVE that sure footing I have.

The LORD, my Satisfaction!

I'm Thankful for...

Good friends who will say the hard things to me and who share their 
 with me
 and allow me 
to share the same
with them!!

Friends make life rich.

On my mind...

Life is short.
Don't hide.
Pursue Truth.
Truth Reveals.

The Truth will set you free...I am FREE indeed.

A picture...

Gone Fishing!

Remember when anything was possible?