February 28, 2015

Almost forgot February!


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Outside my window...

blue sky,
bald eagles soaring,
cherry blossoms blooming,

A cold breeze

I am thankful...

For this beautiful day.

In the kitchen...


A healthy one with kale, quinoa, meatballs, and a nice golden broth.

The kids, however, enjoy it more when lunch is served two hours late.

I am wearing...


The sunshine is wonderful but the day is still cold.

I am hearing...

Sweet silence. It energizes me.

The kids have gone for a walk...ice cream cones on their agenda.

I am going...

to read, to rest without Worry, to enjoy the sunshine.

Worry is a diligent fellow...so eager to sit by me, talking and poking and being a nuisance. I shoo him away only to find him surprise me around every corner.

It is Saturday afternoon. Worry be gone!...I'm sure I'll see you Monday morning.

On my mind...

My people. 
So many lives intersecting mine with a purpose. 
Do you see your relationships as Divine appointments?

I am reading...

"Prayer Poems"


"Boyhood and Beyond"

both delightful reads.

I am hoping...

For some answers to prayer.

Waiting, waiting...

still waiting.

God's timing is perfect.

I am remembering...

The God honoring memorial service for my dear friend, Sam.

I received a promise from the Lord before he died...Psalm 40:2-3

I assumed it meant that Sam would be healed. He was, just not as I expected.
He lived eternity his last weeks and his testimony, a song and tribute to God, did and will cause many to trust the Lord.

Around the house...

fingerprints, dust, cobwebs...sunshine revealing reality.

A quote for today...

Teach us to love the true,
The beautiful and pure,
And let us not for one short hour
An evil thought endure.
But give us grace to stand 
Decided, brave and strong,
The lovers of all holy things,
The foes of all things wrong.
~Walter J. Mathams

This is only the end of the poem. 
I gave this, along with a little note of encouragement, 
to a sweet young woman I met on a recent flight.
She had several Christian symbols tattooed on her feet and arms.

I asked her with joy, "Do you know the Lord?"

"Yes!" she replied enthusiastically.

Unfortunately, she was very absorbed in the book, "Fifty Shades of Grey."

One of my favorite things...

Peace that passes understanding.

Funny how I only enjoy it when I lean not on MY OWN understanding.

A few plans for the rest of the month:

Another court appearance on another matter.

Praise God, my monstrous lawsuit was dismissed! One down, one to go.

A few spring recitals and concerts by the kids,
dentist appointments,
work, work, work,
and wait, wait, wait.

A picture thought to share...

Auntie Laura with her four nieces and my dearly loved Don.

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  1. Thank you sweet lady for your cheerfulness. Praying for your concerns.

  2. Thank you so much for praying. It is such a comfort when a thousand things are pressing to know others are going to the throne on my behalf.


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