February 14, 2015

A love letter

To my One and Only ~

I love you! True, these words don’t need to be said. You know my heart towards you and I know your heart towards me, and yet…

I feel the warmth of your smile as you anticipate my declarations.

Remember when we first started hanging out? How clingy I was? How needy? Always calling on you, asking for stuff, for your time, for your help, you listened. You never turned me away or said I asked for too much. Thank you. Thank you for loving me so patiently.

Oh, Faithful One! All those years I would toss your name around to make myself popular, to improve my reputation. I’m sorry, Love. You were patient with me then, also.

Your love for me permeates every breath. I think of you constantly. My comfortable confidence is that the same is true of you, that you think of me constantly. But no, my thoughts are dull vapors to your bright treasures. How wise and kind and full of wonder are your thoughts.

I cherish our times together when I can sit with you to ask about your thoughts, to ask you why and how and what if, and then, hating the clock, hating the To Do List that pulls me away, I reach out longingly with, “tell me more!”

You laugh and my heart leaps as I find you coming with me to buy groceries, to meet with the music teacher, to get the oil changed. Haven’t we had great adventures together?

I love the way you draw people into our circle; I never know what to expect. True, I have been scared at times, sometimes irritated. Yes, we both remember, to my shame, when I have stomped off angrily because we did things your way instead of mine.

I see now how you kept me safe. I trust your strength and care for me. Even when “bad” things happen your wisdom, my hand in yours, sustains me. Somehow, in your patience, you give me a glimpse into your mind allowing me to see things from your perspective. I sigh with awe. See?! I can’t say it enough! You are wonderful.

I feel you in the wind on my cheek. I delight in the gifts you give, the diamonds dripping off the pines in the morning sunshine. Thank you for a cup of tea every morning. You know just how to comfort me: when I want to be quiet or when the perfect song will fill my soul with contentment and my body with a dance.

You give me life itself. What can I possibly give to you? Nothing! Everything I have you gave to me.
Well, I can give you my trust so you shall have it. Where you lead I will follow. What you want I will give. What you give I will receive.

Come quickly! Let us be together, to see each other face to face, My Lord, My God!

Yours for ever,
Laura Elizabeth


  1. Thank you thank you for this post. Your words are so true, and I see many of these beautiful, but also trying times in my own life. Thank you for putting into words what my heart and mind often think.

  2. Oh Alivia, I'm so glad to know that we have kindred hearts. Kiss those sweet babies of yours for me.

  3. So very true Laura! How patient He is with us both! :)

  4. So intimate, this writing could be included in the Song of Solomon! Thank you Laura..... Every word resonated with my own Spirit but I would be hard pressed to put it into words!


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