February 28, 2015

Almost forgot February!


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Outside my window...

blue sky,
bald eagles soaring,
cherry blossoms blooming,

A cold breeze

I am thankful...

For this beautiful day.

In the kitchen...


A healthy one with kale, quinoa, meatballs, and a nice golden broth.

The kids, however, enjoy it more when lunch is served two hours late.

I am wearing...


The sunshine is wonderful but the day is still cold.

I am hearing...

Sweet silence. It energizes me.

The kids have gone for a walk...ice cream cones on their agenda.

I am going...

to read, to rest without Worry, to enjoy the sunshine.

Worry is a diligent fellow...so eager to sit by me, talking and poking and being a nuisance. I shoo him away only to find him surprise me around every corner.

It is Saturday afternoon. Worry be gone!...I'm sure I'll see you Monday morning.

On my mind...

My people. 
So many lives intersecting mine with a purpose. 
Do you see your relationships as Divine appointments?

I am reading...

"Prayer Poems"


"Boyhood and Beyond"

both delightful reads.

I am hoping...

For some answers to prayer.

Waiting, waiting...

still waiting.

God's timing is perfect.

I am remembering...

The God honoring memorial service for my dear friend, Sam.

I received a promise from the Lord before he died...Psalm 40:2-3

I assumed it meant that Sam would be healed. He was, just not as I expected.
He lived eternity his last weeks and his testimony, a song and tribute to God, did and will cause many to trust the Lord.

Around the house...

fingerprints, dust, cobwebs...sunshine revealing reality.

A quote for today...

Teach us to love the true,
The beautiful and pure,
And let us not for one short hour
An evil thought endure.
But give us grace to stand 
Decided, brave and strong,
The lovers of all holy things,
The foes of all things wrong.
~Walter J. Mathams

This is only the end of the poem. 
I gave this, along with a little note of encouragement, 
to a sweet young woman I met on a recent flight.
She had several Christian symbols tattooed on her feet and arms.

I asked her with joy, "Do you know the Lord?"

"Yes!" she replied enthusiastically.

Unfortunately, she was very absorbed in the book, "Fifty Shades of Grey."

One of my favorite things...

Peace that passes understanding.

Funny how I only enjoy it when I lean not on MY OWN understanding.

A few plans for the rest of the month:

Another court appearance on another matter.

Praise God, my monstrous lawsuit was dismissed! One down, one to go.

A few spring recitals and concerts by the kids,
dentist appointments,
work, work, work,
and wait, wait, wait.

A picture thought to share...

Auntie Laura with her four nieces and my dearly loved Don.

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February 21, 2015

Happy Birthday

Hi Mom~

How's it going up there? Today is your birthday; if you were still here you would be 63 years old. I can imagine your laugh at that statement considering your life now. I bet those little thoughts seem ridiculous in light of eternity.

Well, I am glad that you are full of joy, full of awe, waiting for us to join you, but I miss you, especially today, especially now.

Did you meet Sam yet? He just got there yesterday. He was such a good friend, Mom. My heart is breaking. I didn't want him to go home, I wanted him here, with us, with his family. I thought maybe this time our Lord would...I thought, oh, after all his life was Christ.

I was just hoping...praying...

It's an ugly place down here, Mom. It's gotten worse since you left, I'm glad you aren't here to see all the chaos. No standard of right and wrong for the world, no understanding of good or evil, wickedness condoned and righteous living condemned. Even those who call themselves Christians don't know the difference, but then it's because they love themselves too much.

Oh yes, I remember, "that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves...Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:"

And so I cry...weep...ache over Sam going home at this time.

He wasn't like that. He loved God, his family, he loved us. Did you ever meet him; you know the one that gave use of his land for our u-pick farm? The kids especially loved that he, like their dad, ate peppers hot enough to cause sweat and tears. He taught them so much about the land, and animals, and life in general. He talked to me intimately, like a brother to a sister. I loved that.

His wife is one of my best friends. I can't bear to imagine her loss, I'm such a wimp. Just thinking of her sleeping in an empty bed, of him not being there to read the Bible after dinner, I burst into tears. It hurts so much. I don't want her to be without him...even though it is just temporary.

Temporary feels meaningless when the pain is great.

Who will be a light in this dark world? For Sam, to live was Christ. His kind of people are few and far between. When they go home, what a loss!! Who will speak boldly? Who will love, who will
teach, who will LIVE Christ?

You and he were the same...your life was Christ...losing him makes me miss you more. Anyway, say hi to him.

Hey, guess what? I was in Fresno this weekend. I visited with Don and the girls. We had a beautiful time. Tina will have the baby any day now; she looks beautiful, and READY. Cheri and Lisa and I went to your favorite restaurant for drinks and decadent treats. What a comfort they were to me, I've been on an emotional roller coaster lately.

God is good, how he heals relationships.

Don has met someone. You might like her...maybe. It is hard for us to see him with another woman, then again, it is all so temporary, especially for him being eighty-four years old. We visited your grave site yesterday and prayed. I had never been there before. I imagined the day when "the dead in Christ shall rise to meet him in the air." Strange. You are alive now with Him yet...I wonder what that will look like?

As I go through life, every day a thousand years, I remember that eternity is at hand. Sometimes I get a glimpse of it here, amazing, but it is my hope in the now. I can't wait to see you, to be where things are Right and True.

I love you, Mom. I miss you. I thank God for you and your legacy.

See you soon,
Your Laura

February 14, 2015

Pie Party

Sophia was asked to make pies for the annual

I don't know how that simple request translated into 

Valentine's Day Sleepover

Nine beautiful, intelligent, happy girls ages 9-16 worked in teams.

I can't imagine the mess had they each made their own.

Peels, Sugar, Cinnamon, and CHAOS  happy endeavors ensued.

It only LOOKS like they are making the recipe up as they go.
Actually, those are some skilled bakers with years of experience.

See? It all turned out in the end...looks like a pie, smelled like a pie, and may God bless the recipient.

It can be miserable being a young lady in this day and age.

Then again, life's a party!

And like, you know, oh my gosh, like, whatever, like, um...what was I saying?

I should know. I was there. I survived.

A love letter

To my One and Only ~

I love you! True, these words don’t need to be said. You know my heart towards you and I know your heart towards me, and yet…

I feel the warmth of your smile as you anticipate my declarations.

Remember when we first started hanging out? How clingy I was? How needy? Always calling on you, asking for stuff, for your time, for your help, you listened. You never turned me away or said I asked for too much. Thank you. Thank you for loving me so patiently.

Oh, Faithful One! All those years I would toss your name around to make myself popular, to improve my reputation. I’m sorry, Love. You were patient with me then, also.

Your love for me permeates every breath. I think of you constantly. My comfortable confidence is that the same is true of you, that you think of me constantly. But no, my thoughts are dull vapors to your bright treasures. How wise and kind and full of wonder are your thoughts.

I cherish our times together when I can sit with you to ask about your thoughts, to ask you why and how and what if, and then, hating the clock, hating the To Do List that pulls me away, I reach out longingly with, “tell me more!”

You laugh and my heart leaps as I find you coming with me to buy groceries, to meet with the music teacher, to get the oil changed. Haven’t we had great adventures together?

I love the way you draw people into our circle; I never know what to expect. True, I have been scared at times, sometimes irritated. Yes, we both remember, to my shame, when I have stomped off angrily because we did things your way instead of mine.

I see now how you kept me safe. I trust your strength and care for me. Even when “bad” things happen your wisdom, my hand in yours, sustains me. Somehow, in your patience, you give me a glimpse into your mind allowing me to see things from your perspective. I sigh with awe. See?! I can’t say it enough! You are wonderful.

I feel you in the wind on my cheek. I delight in the gifts you give, the diamonds dripping off the pines in the morning sunshine. Thank you for a cup of tea every morning. You know just how to comfort me: when I want to be quiet or when the perfect song will fill my soul with contentment and my body with a dance.

You give me life itself. What can I possibly give to you? Nothing! Everything I have you gave to me.
Well, I can give you my trust so you shall have it. Where you lead I will follow. What you want I will give. What you give I will receive.

Come quickly! Let us be together, to see each other face to face, My Lord, My God!

Yours for ever,
Laura Elizabeth

February 3, 2015

Tea Time

 I'm Having...

Jasmine tea in a pretty cup and saucer...
Also, a slice of raisin toast with turkey and havarti.

Are you hungry? Let me fix you a sandwich.

I'm feeling...

Happy, and tired, and expectant.

I feel like I'm waiting...waiting...for what I wonder?
It's exciting, hopeful and dreadful...

An adventure.

I'm Thankful for...

THE MAN, Christ Jesus. 

Being a single mother is hard. There is so much to deal with...alone: discipline, bills, home and car repairs, future plans, mentoring, home school, carpooling, breakfast-lunch-dinner...the list goes on.

The other night Noah had a very high fever which came on suddenly.
He also was extremely tired and couldn't stay awake. I gave him all the customary treatments, but I wondered what to do with him in the night.

I prayed, "Lord, what should I do? Should I stay downstairs to watch over him? Should I have him sleep with me? What should I look out for?"

I felt the Lord's gentle answer in strange words...words a man might use. 
"Why don't you go to sleep, and I'll stay up to take care of him."

Oh, No! I couldn't do that, I thought. Someone needs to watch over him, to make sure he doesn't get worse, to offer him water in the night.

I asked again, "Lord, what should I do? Which would be more prudent? To stay downstairs or bring him up with me?"

Again, a still small voice, "Why don't you go to sleep, and I'll stay up to take care of him."

Against all my "common sense" I obeyed. I woke refreshed and so did Noah...fever gone.
I think the experience was not so much to see Noah healed as it was to learn to hear the voice of my Savior.

I'm thankful that the Lord is so intimate with me. Do you know him intimately, too?

Tell me about it!

A picture...

These are two of my favorite possessions...inherited from my mother.

They are antiques she bought from her antiquing days.

I don't know how old they are, or even their value...probably more sentimental than anything.

But, we do like old things don't we?

There is something older than EVERYTHING that I enjoy...that we all can enjoy.

Something from before my grandmother, or great-great-great grandmother.
Something from before the foundation of the world.

It is that I was chosen!!

Before there was an earth I was chosen...you too.
Before there was an earth an inheritance was prepared for us...an inheritance much better than a pair of opal earrings.

(Titus 1:1-2, Eph 1:4)