January 20, 2015

Seeing without Seeing

Sitting at the dock looking across the water at the city. 

There is much to look at today:

The city skyline,
The Cascade Mountain Range,
Mount Rainier in all its Winter glory,
Cargo ships with full loads,
Gold and lace ribbon waves washing up on the shore,
Sunshine diamonds on the water,
Small coveys of birds swimming, diving,
The deep blue of the Puget Sound...deep calling to deep,


But I don't see what I want to see.

I want to see the end of this monstrous lawsuit.

I want to see where we will live...do we move?

I want to see what happens to the Santos Family unit this year.
A permanent 5 - 1 = 4 except when it equals 1?

I want to see how God will fix this and that and those other things.

But, more than anything, I want to see my Lord.

Where are you?
Are you hiding from me or have I lost my way?

I remember the story...

Mark chapter 10
Blind Bartimaeus

He heard Jesus was near so he shouted for Him.


But Bart wouldn't be hushed.

He cried out all the louder, all the more vehemently.



He did.

"What do you want me to do for you Bartimaeus?"

"I want to see, Lord."

Immediately, he received his sight.

Thank you, Lord.

I know you hear me, I know you see me,
and I know you see the end, the answers to all my wondering.

Thank you for the things that I DO see.
I walk by faith and not by sight.

I am so glad that I can trust you with all my "stuff."

While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.
2 Cor 4:18


  1. I will be keeping you in prayer my far away friend.

  2. Thank you, Alicia. I will be in California next month for the lawsuit. I wonder if it would be possible to meet you in person? Well, we will pray about it. Thank you for your prayers. Loves.

  3. Sorry you are having to endure fiery trials Laura! I've been Facebook friends with Christine Weick she is the woman who told the Muslims in the Washington D.C. cathedral (they allowed them to have Islamic prayer service with their back to the front of the church, therefore their backs to the crucifix...an Episcopalian church...and btw I don't see special powers or holiness in a crucifix, it is just the intent being disrespect to Jesus and His church) she holds signs at gay pride parades and witnesses to Muslims at mosques......anyway, her husband didn't approve of her activities and divorced her so she's often living out of her car, and graciously accepts the charity of Christians who invite her to use their showers. She has been rejected by her beloved husband, had bottles thrown at her, been cursed at and spit at, and yet her spirit is still so sweet, trusting that the Lord will see her though all of it.

    Just yesterday she taped a radio show with Tosh O (I don't know who that is, but many people do) and many of her friends were telling her not to do it because they ridicule Christians on that show. She said "That is where the people who need Jesus most are, I can handle people making fun of me, if someone becomes saved in the process". Such faith.

    That is the kind of faith the apostles have, and that is the kind of faith I know I need to have. No matter what happens, if Jesus is for us, WHO can be against us?

    Love your blog, your poems and pictures and pretty things, as well as the hurts, the wounds, the sorrow. Jesus has us my friend. :)

    1. Thank you Susan. This is a good encouragement. You are in my heart.

  4. You are being tested but I know your faith is strong. I know you believe He cares for you and has a plan. He will carry you when it is to far to walk. HE is all that you need. He will go before you, and beside you and behind you all the way on this journey. May you know His peace and joy and hope of things yet to come. If what you are facing is not good, then God is not yet done!

    1. Thank You, Ruby! I was encouraged today by 2 Corinthians 1:7. God is good. Loves,


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