November 8, 2014

Reformation Weekend

On October 31st, while most were celebrating Halloween, 
we were driving to a beautiful Refuge in the woods.

It was there we enjoyed a small family retreat and celebrated The Reformation.

We learned a lot and had a great time.

The entrance to the beautiful "Refuge"

The living room

One of two great libraries

Our own private sitting room

...where I slept.

...Noah happy in the Loft of our room.

John Wycliffe straight out of the 1300's.

Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms.

Martin Luther captured by bandits 

Along with the Reformation vignettes and instruction we had plenty of time for fun and relaxation.

I was ping-pong champion all weekend.

OK! OK! My main competition was under 12 years old...still.

Most of the lovely people we spent the weekend with.

Test time!!

The kids divided into teams to answer tough questions about The Reformation.

The prize?

Sweet indulgences!


  1. What a fun and wonderful opportunity! ❤️

  2. It was a great opportunity! The hosts did not charge for the event. Kids didn't want to leave.


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