October 8, 2014

October Daybook


Wednesday, October 9, 2014

Outside my window...

Tempting apple trees.

To steal or not to steal? To knock on the door and ask to pick the fruit? Would that make me a beggar or a weirdo? Both?
Or should I just admire from a distance and watch the birds enjoy the harvest?

I am thankful...

For my children, for my husband
(yes, he is still my husband and I am thankful for him, I'll tell you more later).

I am thankful because God has put them into my life to make me into the woman He wants me to be, the woman I was created to be.

I am not me without their influence.

In the kitchen...

Grilled fish with pesto, rice, and salad.

candy corn...It IS October.

I am wearing...

Grey jeans with a long flowing teal blouse and a grey cardigan, black flats.

Me? In jeans? Wonders never cease.

I am hearing...

the quiet of an empty library and
my own heart beat... which sounds a little like this

but not too loud or the librarian may ask me to leave.

I am going...

To drive a junior high volleyball team to their game.
I took the JV football team to theirs earlier this week.

On my mind...

God's silence. Do you trust him when He doesn't answer? Do you wait? 
Isn't it hard? Yet He is worth it! He can be trusted.

Wait on Him. I am waiting too...we will wait together.

I am reading...

George MacDonald with the children

Pilgrims Progress or The Prince and the Pauper are up next.

Do you read aloud with your family? Ignore the rolling eyes and the negative comments and DO IT! In the end, they are likely to say (as mine eventually did) "Just one more chapter, pleeeease."

I am hoping...

To figure out my schedule.

I hate, hate, hate working outside of the home.

It's an adventure, which is good, but I didn't sign up for this one.
I like to be in control of my adventures.

If I take it one day at a time it is much more enjoyable.

An update and my thoughts...

Mr. Santos did not show up to our "settlement agreement" last month
 even though he arranged the meeting.
The judge and I sat around twiddling our thumbs until the time was up.

What does this mean?
We are still married.

Some say, "Good. God answers prayers."

What prayers?
Mr. Santos and I are still separated
and I don't see that changing soon.

Why is it that being married is so important to some Christians?
What's the use of a kitchen sink if it's clogged up and full of stinky, diseased water?

It is meant to be turned on, to have water flowing through it, to meet needs.

So many Christians are married yet living in sin...unforgiveness, hate, infidelity, disrespect. I am thankful for Mr. Santos; I pray for reconciliation.
Staying "married" is not my hope, being RECONCILED is.

Around the house...


A quote for today...

“Only he knew that to be left alone is not always to be forsaken.”

~George MacDonand, At the back of the North Wind

“Well, perhaps; but I begin to think there are better things than being comfortable.” 

~ G.M. At the back of the North Wind

One of my favorite things...

candy corn. Thank God it only comes around once a year.

A few plans for the rest of the month:

A job interview. Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel
for this crazy schedule I have.

A picture thought to share...

Lovely, don't you think? Tell me you aren't tempted to walk up and pick one!

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  1. Love you dear friend. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have been thinking of you every day. I was going to call you but I was sure that you were working. Praying for you. Hugs to you!

    1. I think about you too. I almost put the kids in public school yesterday. Call me anytime, I miss you.

  2. Hi Laura. It's not the 9th today. :). I only know cuz it's the 8th, Mosely's birthday!!! Love you. 😃

    1. Mo! Happy birthday my boy! I'm glad I got the day wrong so I could be reminded. I love you, Mosely!

  3. Thank for this Laura, You don't know what a blessing it is to read this at this very moment as I face some tough things going on in my own marriage. Love you friend.

    1. God bless you in your life and in your marriage. God is able.

  4. Driving a bus to games? Is that part time? You are just awesome! and you have a very strong willpower to not pick those lovely apples!

    1. Susan, come over and we'll go for a walk to pick apples together. I'll be brave enough to pick them if you are with me. In our dreams, right?

  5. I love reading your updates and pray for you and your family, God has His own timetable (which can be frustrating) but He is in control of your lives and what ever the outcomes it will be His will. Those apples do look nice, perhaps your neighbour won't mind you having a few :)

    1. I also love reading your updates;I can't keep up with you! You always have such good posts.

  6. I've missed reading here, Laura ~ You make me smile and think {you wore jeans?!} :-)

    My two cents: Take the kids with you {for courage and irresistible sweetness} and knock on your neighbor's door about the apples. Most people would be glad to see them put to good use!

    Reconciliation, yes. Praying for you both now.

    1. Hey Mels! Good to hear from you. Thank you for your prayers, I need them.


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