October 3, 2014

Glimpses VI

Camping in the front yard on the last weekend of the summer.

Just today Noah suggested sleeping outside. 
What's wrong with a warm bed inside?

Boring, Mom, boring.

Not only did she take my children home from violin class, 
she gave me flowers from her garden.

Good friends are a treasure!!

A happy visit from Grandpa!

This man is so special and dearly loved!!

Fixing the seal on my wood stove.

Noah and I taking care of faithful "George".

I held the flashlight while Noah changed the headlight. 
What a little man.

First fire of the season. 

We have been reading aloud every night from George MacDonald.

At the Back of the North Wind

I never tire of that story and sweet Diamond.

Naomi draws, Noah builds and I guess Sophia takes pictures while I read aloud.


  1. I'm agreeing with you, a nice comfortable bed can't be beat. We lit our fires up this weekend too. It's definitely Fall here in Kentucky. Love the picture of your boy fixing the car, so sweet!

    1. Hi Angie. Thanks for your comment, I like the picture of Noah fixing the car too. I'm glad Sophia took it so we could keep the memory. Happy Fall.


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