September 13, 2014

Tea Time

 Evergreens against a deep blue sky,
 Goodbye  to three explorers,
 A picnic lunch on their back,
 The Beach their goal.
 Chamomile tea in my favorite cup,
 Scrumptious pages of a good thick book,
 A wide red chair sitting in the sun--
 The pleasures  of a Saturday afternoon. 

 The trivial round, the common task,
 Would furnish all we ought to ask;
 Room to deny ourselves; a road 
 To bring us daily nearer God.
~ W. Nevins


  1. Whoever W. Nevins is, he or she sounds as though YOU are talking. Lovely day.

    1. Hi Sharon! :) William Nevins is an author that one of my favorite authors read (E. Prentiss). I'm currently looking for his work. Lovely day to you too!

  2. It's feeling like October...guess we'll have a cold long winter...we got to enjoy a nice weekend with family ...went to Bolt Castle on Hart Island and enjoyed a play at a local playhouse. Yesterday I did up some pickled beets. 10 lb. bags of beets were only $3!!!so I made up 30 lbs of beets. Also started some cuttings for next year's garden. Blessings abounding! :)

  3. How nice Susan! I haven't seen a play in years. Our weather turned grey and wet again. Doesn't it feel good to "put stuff up?"

    1. The play was awesome! Norm Foster is a playwrite who had a lead part in this two actor (written by himself) play. My husband loved it and wants to make it a regular thing to do....but he works so much it is hard to find time! It was wonderful to put stuff up! I so feel like a Suzy Homemaker! And I LOVE beets! Bonus! God is very, very good. <3


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