August 19, 2014

August Daybook


Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Outside my window...

Lemony sunshine on emerald green grass despite 
the forecast for clouds and rain. I'm so glad they were wrong.

I am thankful...

For my church family!!

Several of the men (and two lovely ladies)
spent their weekend chopping and stacking wood
 to put into MY garage for the winter.

I am blessed and thankful!!

In the kitchen...

blackberry this, blackberry that.
zucchini fritters, fresh tomatoes, ripe peaches.

Don't you love summertime produce?

I see the apples ripening with visions of
apple this and apple that in the future.

I am wearing...

Something withOUT polka dots.

Aren't you proud of me?

But it IS blue...sorry...and red.
You wouldn't recognize me if there wasn't some sort of red about.

I am hearing...

the quiet of a lazy summer afternoon.

The kids are outside kicking rocks, swinging sticks, staring at know, all the productive things we do towards the end of the summer.

I am going...

to continue training this week to be a School Bus Driver.

Turning right is the toughest for me.
I chant to myself "I own the road, I own the road, I own the road."

Wouldn't ya know, all the other drivers get out of my way?

On my mind...

The changes in our family. I am now working outside of the home, the children are becoming more independent, I am not there for every conflict, fear, or happy joy. I don't like it, and yet, it is good.

Painful, Necessary, Stretching.

I am reading...

My CDL book and pre-trip check list, getting ready for the test.

I am hoping...

To find "my reference point" for turning that school bus.

It's amazing how a driver can trust that reference point. It LOOKS like the bus will knock everything over and come off the road, but it doesn't!

So it is in life. When we hear the voice of God and do what He says, He will, He does direct our paths. It may look foolish, but it is always right. We can trust Him.

I am remembering...

I need to go shopping.
My sister's birthday is coming
and I have two weddings to attend soon...

Around the house...

All is clean and orderly for the annual inspection by our landlord,
 that is if you don't count the two loads of laundry waiting to be washed.

A quote for today...

We may make mistakes, we may be caught on an impulse, we may be precipitate, but provided our hearts are utterly for God, as utterly for God as was Paul's, the Lord can look after our mistakes and overrule our blunders.

~ T. Austin Sparks

One of my favorite things...

Cracking jokes with my children, especially if they laugh!
Sometimes they groan, that's not good.

A few plans for the rest of the month:

The wheels on the bus go round and round all over town!

Some picture thoughts to share...

Not everyone is accounted for, but these are some of the angels that blessed my family!!

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  1. How amazing of your church family to do such a nice thing for you. You are blessed!

    Good luck on your bus driving test!!

  2. A bus driver! Excellent! What a great idea. I just know it will be fits you!

  3. Oh and as an afterthought I will keep you and your kiddos in prayer. There are lots of predators out there these days. I know your children are pretty sharp however sometimes the creeps are armed and determined so I pray that the Lord covers you, your home, your lovely children with His strength and power to keep you all safe from the damage the enemy tries to inflict and pray that the peace of the Lord remains over your home and all who come to visit and fellowship with you.

    1. Thank you Susan, I covet the prayers of the saints. I hope you're well.


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