August 1, 2014

A full life!

Did your mother ever tell you, “Life doesn’t revolve around you?”

At times we are the supporting cast, hardly noticed in the story except for the fact that the drama wouldn’t make any sense, wouldn’t reach its climax without our part.

I am reminded of Job’s story. The servants who watched over his flocks were killed. Job’s wife, who encouraged him to curse God and die, lost all of her children. Their personal stories are dramatic, but they are not the Hero, at least not in that story, only the supporting cast. God wants us to learn from Job’s story, to learn from his tragedy and subsequent blessings. Yet, his story meant suffering for the supporting characters.

What’s your story right now? Are you, like me, in a supporting role?

Right now, it’s someone you love with a disease…

Your child on the road to destruction…

Your friend living a lie…

A neighbor being abused…

These are the main characters, and it is their story you are living at the moment. You, like Epaphras, labor fervently in prayer for them that they might stand perfect and complete in all the will of God. You wake with them on your heart; you go to bed with their name on your lips. For, just like Paul and Timothy felt for the Thessalonians, they are your crown of rejoicing, your glory and joy.

So what do I blog about when I am living someone else’s story? The weather has been gorgeous, blue skies and sparkly seas. I made fish tacos for lunch…fantastic as usual. I begin training for a new job next week, the beginning of a new season at The Santos Times. But, I don’t blog about my sleepless nights, the tears, the hopes and fears, the long walks and talks with God, because all of that belongs to another person’s story.

1Co 12:26  If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.

the view from my kayak in Gig Harbor. I told you the weather has been gorgeous!


  1. So true, Laura, we are ALL just supporting characters and Jesus is The Reason for everything. He is the main character and yet He humbled Himself into a "minor role" of taking on human flesh and only a relatively short lifespan here to accomplish a mission that none of us could do for ourselves or for anyone else for that matter. Amazing grace

  2. Yes even in the dark days there is much we can be thankful for. How blessed we are.


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