July 19, 2014

Tea Time!

I am having...

Jasmine Tea and Blackberry Crisp
 with my dear friend
 and a
 view of Rich Passage,
 Bainbridge Island
and the 4:30 ferry to Seattle sailing by.

I am feeling...

Thankful for the strong wind. It reminds me of

Psalm 104. Have you read it recently?

I love verse 3 how He

walks on the wings of the wind.

On my mind... 

Truth and lies, how they live together.

Leaning not on my own understanding,
I must acknowledge God, my Father, to direct my paths.

Prone to wander,
Lord I feel it,
Prone to leave the God I love.
Here's my heart, Lord
Take and seal it,
Seal it for thy courts above.

I am thankful for...

Noah's 10th birthday!

Ten years with the best boy!

Some pictures to share...

I love you My Noah Luis!


  1. Happy Birthday, Noah!! May you grow in your walk with the Lord, let Him direct your path. I pray you will allow God to mold you into the Spiritual leader He has designed you to be. My favorite thing about you is your happy and joyful heart! The joy of the Lord is our strength. Love, Sarah Groothuis

    1. Thank you for such a special blessing, Sarah. Loves!

  2. Noah is about the cutest boy that's ever been born! I bet you could hardly take your eyes off him when he was a baby....the Lord is still enthralled with us, just like we are with our young children! (Betty)

  3. Happy Birthday to your Noah! He is such a handsome boy

  4. I love all of the pictures especially the first one...the waves and water look delicious and Noah looks especially squeezeable

  5. Happy birthday Noah - quite the young man :)) I am sure he makes you very proud. May God guide him and give him wisdom through out his days.



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