July 6, 2014

Blue sky in July!


Sunday July 6th, 2014

Outside my window...

a HOT sunny day. YAHOO!!

Poor Naomi wilts in the heat. I better get her some popsicles.

I am thankful...

for the peaceful life I live, a peace that passes all understanding.
Every day some new chaos springs up, but it is only a gentle breeze on the grass when in times past it would have been a gale knocking down my house.

Does this mean I'm finally growing up?

Trusting in my Lord who is able!

In the kitchen...

Fish tacos and coconut popsicles

I am wearing...

A black and white Summer dress.

I am hearing...

The hymn "And can it be" playing in my head.

Amazing Love, how can it be?
That Thou, My God, shouldst die for me?

The congregation really belted it out this morning...what a joy!

I am going...

To finish preparing the Scavenger Hunt for our church picnic on Saturday.

Get ready to hunt people! Treasure awaits!

On my mind...

The more I dwell on our sin being rooted in our wounds, the more I believe it. The fine line is that not all wounds are bad, some are necessary: wounded pride, wounded motives, wounded plans. When the wounds are addressed immediately, before any vows are made for facades, we thwart or turn from sin. But some wounds are to be endured, they bring suffering which turns to obedience.
"He learned obedience by the things that He suffered."

I am reading...

Knowing God by J.I Packer

I am hoping...

to get my car washed this afternoon. Noah? Oh Nooooaaaaahhh! Where are you?

I have a job for you!

I am remembering...

How God used Mr. Santos to bless me yesterday.

I needed a software program and wondered where I should buy it
(and if I could even afford it!)

I also had a broken kitchen sink again.

When I asked the Lord about it I felt like I should ask Mr. Santos.
But that meant being vulnerable...looking needy.

I AM Needy!

He had the program and gave it to me. He also fixed my sink!
He enjoyed a simple dinner I prepared as thanks.

Little stitches to mend our big wounds.

Around the house...

it is cool.

A quote for today...

"The trouble with some of us is that we have been inoculated with small doses of Christianity which keep us from catching the real thing." 

~ Leslie Weatherhead 

One of my favorite things...

a running kitchen sink! Thank you, Lord.
Thank you, Mr. Santos

A few plans for the rest of the month:

Job Applications

Some picture thoughts to share...

Kayaking with my main man!

He wanted to go golfing but let me have my way.
My boy loves me!

A few of the dresses my girls and others made for
Dress a Girl Foundation. The dresses are for girls in Tanzania.

Hard at work!

Can you tell what we are doing in this picture?

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes they are, though some are not. Hi Alicia!

  2. Love the Leslie Weatherhead quote and pictures...and last pic you are doing the hokey pokey (maybe?)

    1. Susan! Our shoes don't look familiar? Hint, hint.

  3. Whilst you are melting, I am freezing - perhaps we could share some of this weather!! Love hearing about your day :)) Sons are so handy to have, they quite enjoy doing things like cleaning cars.

    Keep cool and I will keep warm:))

    Blessings dear friend.


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