June 24, 2014

Tuesday Tour

Peter Rabbit has been a regular visitor. He likes to come early in the morning, have a little breakfast then head back across the street to his waiting family. I guess the food is better at our house.

This lovely girl also visits regularly. Sadly and thankfully I don't have any roses for her to nibble on.

The raccoon, the coyote and the many hummingbirds that visit do not like to have their picture taken.

Thanks to a generous friend (Sarah-Bo-Barah) who shares her horses, 
I went riding with Naomi Baloney.

Me and my horse girl. She is fearless...

...and in love!

The home school choir has wrapped up for the year.

That's my man in front...the handsomest.
Naomi is in there somewhere too...can you find her?

Sophia shared the history behind "Nearer my God to Thee." 
She did so well...such a confident, lovely young lady.

Singing at a nursing home.

There's my handsomest again.

End of the year picnic.

Only a glimpse of the forty kids that zoomed by me playing "sharks and minnows"

Building houses and setting up towns is what you do when 
Mom removes internet and movies from the home. 

Working on some blog posts...slowly. 

We no longer have Internet access in the home. 
It is a different life: much more focused on reality, love, and God. 

I am visiting the library to do this post. 
Whaddya think?

Could you...would you...get rid of Internet from YOUR home?


  1. Laura, we've gotten rid of the television. Husband is away for months at a time with his job. We had to get it off our monthly bills when we couldn't afford it. Now that we can afford it, I like it this way. However, Husband wants it back, so when he retires from this particular job, we will likely not be able to stop it from coming back.

    What I need the fortitude to do is to limit movies on the internet and to take away my daughter's phone at 10:00 p.m. She's in 8th grade (next year) and she and her friend talked to nearly one o'clock last night. This happens nearly every night. I may have to start with that. But taking out the internet. Now that IS a brave and forthright thing to do. I don't know if I'm there yet. I may need that one myself. Going to the library is something I don't do anymore, so that may be a good thing to start back up. I do miss my library ladies. (I don't go there anymore, because I have a tendency to keep books too long and have to pay the fee that goes with that bad habit).

    1. Sharon: Not so much a brave thing as a necessity. I didn't have the discipline to stay offline when it was in the home. Plus, the kids would be off doing their thing (apps and movies) and we wouldn't spend any time together. This has been a great thing for us. My internet is limited to my time at the library and there is more purpose to my time online. Actually, I'm sitting in the sun at Starbucks right now...so there are some perks. We haven't had television for 10 years...I have never missed it.

      It's hard with kids...they negotiate and whine, but they will be o.k. You know what is best. Maybe you and your daughter can have a little 10 p.m. "date" (a cup of tea/cocoa and short little chat) when she turns in her phone. It could turn into something she looks forward to. God bless you always, Sharon.

  2. Wonderful recap! I totally understand WHY you would want to be without Internet but I have to say, I'm definitely not that dedicated. I just can't imagine life without it these days.

    1. Well, we are not living life without it...just without it in the home. It's pretty hard to function without internet. Happy Day, Angie!

  3. Good thoughts and good comments too!

  4. Thanks for the fun post, Laura. Asking me to live without the Internet is like asking me to live without my Library! Of course I don't have to be concerned with policing it's usage since I'm retired and am usually the only one home! (Betty)

  5. Love all the images of the cute critters!

    Have a Happy 4th of July!


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