May 30, 2014

A letter and an Auction

Hi Mom,

I miss you so much! I wonder how it is up there regarding time? How is God timeless yet also viewing us living in time? What does time look like from there? What's it like to be so close to Someone who is everywhere? Can you also see and hear us? Can you see ME? Do you know how I long for you?

I never had to explain myself to you. I could just start in with my words and you would "get it." It's very lonely not to have you, not to have someone who cares about everything I care about. Thank you for being that for me.

You were a good friend for sharing silly details. "What color were her shoes? Did they say anything about the mushrooms?" Nonsense really, who cares about such silly details? I do.

So we had a Penny Auction yesterday. It was great, lots of kids showed up. We talked briefly about the persecuted church, the mother in Sudan, the kidnapped Nigerian girls, and also the Christians in North Korea. I wonder if anything penetrated their minds, their hearts. True persecution is so far off, but it is inching its way closer as the days are waxing worse.

Each person had a paddle for bidding on the items they brought for auction. Most contributed items with a loving heart to give, things someone might want. Others brought junk, stuff they wanted to get rid of. Do they know the difference? Do they know their own motivations?

I wanted it to be a special event, so I decorated. Everything was red and yellow. The lemonade was pretty, I added fresh raspberries and lemons. There was a crystal bowl with lemon drops and red ribbons. The boys stuffed handfuls of them into their pockets!

We sat on quilts with baskets of flowers for centerpieces. I served fried chicken and baked rosemary chicken. The guests brought cookies and salad to go with. There were several bidding wars which were fun. Some children really wanted to bid but had spent all their pennies, so others stepped in to bid on their behalf with their own money. I was so proud of them!

God took their pennies and multiplied them to over $300.00! I'll be sending the money to Voice of the Martyrs. Wonderful times, wonderful memories. I wish you could've been here.

Well, I am trying to pass on to Sophia, Naomi, and Noah that knack you had for making things special and beautiful. Missing you, your voice and your heart for all things lovely.

See you,

Praying before the bidding begins

I was the auctioneer. 
Here I am demonstrating the benefits of a crocheted bear with a cute little vest.

He received several bids!

Going once, going twice, SOLD!

One of our best loved guests.

One of our high bidders!

What's a Penny Auction without a laser sword fight?

She won the bid!

I got to feed the baby!


  1. I find the story of the woman in Sudan heartbreaking and the recent story of a woman being stoned by her family as beyond belief. What a wonderful time and the money I am sure will be well used. We all need to do our little bit to help those Christians who are suffering so badly. Your photos are lovely and what a great spot to have an auction!!

  2. Oh Laura! How beautiful! Red and yellow were my mother's favorite color combination....her living room draperies were printed with big yellow and red roses! I love it that you directed this post to your mom! (Betty)

  3. What a beautiful cause and day! Laura I need to contact you and have misplaced your email. Can you contact me? Thank you so much and happy Saturday!

  4. It was so fun!! It was very special and wonderful afternoon/evening. You put the perfect touch on everything. I noticed all the lovelies as soon as we pulled up. I wish I had a special touch like that. But that is why we have the whole body!! I love you for your heart to serve others and I love you for putting on the auction for VOM, a noble and worthy cause. Love you so much. ~S

  5. Total Raised $550.00. WONDERFUL!!!

  6. Great questions, great thoughts, great pictures, great cause, and great post! Thanks Laura for these and so much more :) so many suffer, we do not yet know the meaning of that word...we think we do, but I think we will soon...I'm happy you had a beautiful time and were able at the same time to raise money for a worthy cause.

  7. Laura, you involve your family in such worthy endeavors - And then make the day look like a lovely painting with such attention to beauty.
    Bless you all!


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