April 12, 2014

Saturday Afternoon

When the children and I first moved to this house I had a private thought.

"Too bad those Rhododendron bushes aren't Camellia's."

Just a private thought, not a prayer, not a wish.

But Someone was listening to my thoughts, and caring, and planning on a little surprise for me.

One sunny morning, while sitting in "My Chair",  I looked up and saw these beautiful Camellia blossoms. I nearly jumped. "Oh, oh! Kids! Look! There's a Camellia tree growing next to the deck!"

What a pleasant and intimate surprise!

The tree is just for me. 
It's not visible from the street or any other place on the property except
my morning spot. I can also step out on my private balcony to enjoy the top of the tree or to cut some branches. What a loving gift from my Heavenly Father.

Even with special gifts, some days a mother needs some peace and quiet. 

I sent the kids outside with strict instructions:

"I don't want to see or hear you until lunch, 
which may not be for a very long time. GO!"

When I called them in for a hearty bowl of soup and thick chunks of cornbread, 
I saw that they had been busy. 

After lunch, they moved camp to follow the sun and gathered books and Kindle for the rest of the day.

It's been a peaceful and quiet time. 


  1. They moved camp again. Now they are in the back with the afternoon sun. First, they had to slump through the bog to get the poles/sticks for the tents. They used my boots...payback I guess for having to stay outside all day. :)

  2. Smile.... (Betty)

  3. Hi Laura :) Beautiful pictures as always. Heavenly Father blesses more than we'll ever know ;)

    1. Yes, He does. I've been reading your blog lately...I wish we could sit and have tea. I'll try to comment next time I come for a visit. I hate to "write a book" so I end up saying nothing. But, it's been good...real good stuff!

  4. Precious small blessings can mean so much. A friend of mine who, looking for a city apartment, was disappointed at the lack of nature around her. She prayed for a place with trees. The apartment just right for them price-wise had a tree, the only one with a tree. She didn't even know it until after her husband paid for it. God gives us small gifts just for our comfort. I'm convinced of it.

    1. I love stories like this. I really wanted a soaking tub...but our budget is not big and you don't often find a big soaking tub in rentals. Well, I am happy to say, I enjoy a big, deep soaking tub in our little cottage. The Lord loves to give good gifts. I am one spoiled daughter!

  5. My dad loves Camellias, they are one of his favourite flowers and often has them in a bowl inside in winter. I use to send my boys outside to play just so I could have a break from their running about and chatter!!


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