April 24, 2014

False Faith

You can have your Pride and Prejudice, give me The Highlander's Last Song.
You can have your Darcy and Bingley, I''ll take Alister or Ian any day!


She did not believe that God was unceasingly doing and would do his best for every man; therefore, she was unable to claim the assurance that he was doing his best for Ian. But her longing to hear what her son had proposed telling her was becoming possible between them through her learning more clearly what his views were. Therefore, the night after that spent by her sons on the hill, after Alister had retired, she said to him, "You never told me, Ian, the story you began about something that made you pray."

"Are you sure you will not take cold, Mother?" he said.

"I am warmly clad, my son; and my heart is longing to hear all about it."

"I am afraid you will not find my story so interesting as you expect, Mother."

"What concerns you is more interesting to me than anything else in the whole world, Ian."

"Not more than God, Mother?" said Ian.

The mother was silent. She was as honest as her sons. The question showed her, however dimly and in shadow, something of the truth concerning herself--even though she could not fully grasp it--namely, that she cared more about salvation than about God. If she could but keep her boy out of hell, she would be content to live on without growing close to the Lord. God was to her an awe, not yet a ceaseless growing delight!

There are centuries of paganism yet in many lovely Christian souls--paganism so deep, therefore so little recognized, that their earnest endeavor is to plant that paganism ineradicably in the hearts of those dearest to them.

She did not yet understand that salvation lies in being one with Christ, even as the branch is one with the vine--that any salvation short of knowing God is no salvation at all. The moment a man feels that he belongs to God utterly, the atonement is there and the Son of God is reaping his harvest.

The good mother was, however, not one of those conceited stiff-necked souls who have been the curse of the church in all ages; she was but one of those in whom reverence for its passing form dulls the perception of unchangeable truth. Fortunately she was not of the kind who shut up God's precious light in the horn lantern of human theory, whose shadows cast on the path to the kingdom seem to dim eyes like insurmountable obstructions. For the sake of what they count revealed, they refuse all further revelation, and what satisfies them is merest famine to the next generation of believers.

Instead of God's truth, they offer man's theory, and accuse of rebelling against God those who cannot live on the husks they call food. But ah, home-hungry soul! God is not the elder brother of the parable, but the father with the best robe and the ring--a God high above all your longing, even as the heavens are high above the earth.

~from The Highlander's Last Song, by George MacDonald


  1. Hi Laura,

    I've been going through a battle where I didn't fully understand the enemy, that bit about an angel of darkness disguised as an angel of light...until I got to see it more clearly recently, in the confessions of a "friend" that tried to draw me with her into her descent in her "true knowledge" and her newfound honesty and wisdom that led away from Jesus, away from the cross, away from the Bible being the truth, and away (she thought) from a judgmental God that can send people to hell (which --hell-- she also has rejected)

    It all began (it seemed to me) with her rejection of one of the TULIP points of Calvinism: man's Utter Depravitiy

    Then she admitted that she didn't believe there is an actual hell...which Jesus Himself told about...

    Which then led to her admission that she did not really believe many of the things about Jesus, nor many of the events of the OT (such as Noah's flood, and Jonah being swallowed by a big fish, etc)...

    It led me to trying to figure out how this all disintegrated for her, and into learning more about this "spirit of antichrist". It had and has me very sorrowful...I am writing "a story" about it (Isabel) now on Flutterbys, but we know that no matter what the outcome of everything (all things will pass away) that Jesus has the victory and it will all be for a glorious outcome. <3

    1. Hi Susan,

      It is amazing how easy it is to be deceived. We must walk closely with our Lord and be sure to lean not on our own understanding. It seems like your friend has been led away from Jesus because she only knew about Him and not Him personally. That is what makes all the difference.

      I have been so thankful (lately) for the trials in my life because they have made me so dependent on the Father for guidance and provision. When He proves Himself faithful time and time again, I can't help but love Him more and more. I begin to know him for who He truly is and not what I want Him to be or how others present Him.

      I'll go visit and read "Isabel" later today. Loves,


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