April 1, 2014

A Letter and a Day

Dear Sophia,

Today you are thirteen years old! Three days of labor and finally, your cheek against mine, perfection. It is my pleasure to labor with you all your days, to push you on to the abundant life God has for you. 

You are brave and confident. With ease, you pick up your violin and gracefully pour out music. You walk into the kitchen to create yummy food with the flair (and mess) of a master chef. You have your own ideas about things that I never considered until later in life.

I like you! I like your style, the way you wear hats and sophisticated yet modest clothes. I like how you love people, and justice. You have compassion even for those who have hurt you. I am so thankful for that quality in you. I like how you always know where my keys are, or my phone. Thanks for being my secretary and my "Gadget Girl" when technology overwhelms.

Sophia, always remember that your name means wisdom. It is a gift you may ask God for at any time. He will gladly give it to you in abundance. I know that you will remember this because of the struggles you have endured.

My heart aches over your hard times. I'm sorry for the pain you have had, with your health, your emotions, the break-up of me and Dad. You have borne it well, so bravely, trusting in your Heavenly Father. Through it all, you have become quite beautiful. I am proud of you! 

I thank God for choosing you for me and me for you. Happy Birthday my dear girl!!

All my love,

~ A Great Day in the City ~

We took the ferry

The Tidal pool at the Pacific Science Center

The Butterfly House

It was 80 degrees in that tropical place...I didn't want to leave!

Sophia and Noah looking up at the Space Needle.

City sights. 

Trumpet players on the street. 
(Noah put $ in their hats)
Tropical IMAX show, 
window shopping, 
riding the monorail, 
choosing velvety chocolates from the candy store.

And finally, gourmet burgers and sodas at the French's!

It truly was...a Great Day in the City.


  1. Happy birthday to Sophia ~
    I am thankful with you for the truth of Romans 8:28.
    As Amy Carmichael said, 'In acceptance lieth peace.'

    1. Thank you, Melanie! Thank you for praying for us also.

  2. Beautiful pictures Laura. Happy birthday Sophia, hope you're feeling better. Looks like you had a wonderful time together.

  3. Love you Sophia! How was your special day? When did you go to the city? We call San Francisco "the city" too. I played tricks on uncle mike and got fooled myself a couple times. Maybe if we talk on the phone ill tell you about them. Lol. :). I can't believe you are a teenager now. Wow. You are a beautiful honest smart cookie. That means you're sweet. And sooo loved. By us and by the One who made you... What fun to celebrate YOU.
    Auntie cheri

  4. Sounds wonderful and very special.

  5. LOVE IT! After hearing the stories of your special day, I was happy to see the great photos! (Betty)


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