April 21, 2014

Glimpses II

"What are you doing in the Rhodies?"


Enjoying gentle breezes.

"NOW, what are you taking apart?"

"My rifle."

"Will you be able to put it back together?"


Noah seeks to startle me with his snake every chance he gets.

He often succeeds...little rascal!

Can you see the car on the road? Can you see the hands that drew the car?

Click on the picture for a better view.

Drawings hither and thither...evidence that Naomi was here.


An Easter gift to me from a kind neighbor.

Sophia tutoring Naomi Baloney on her piano lesson.

She is a skilled and patient tutor!

Easter Sunday morning.


  1. I feel like I get to be a "fly on your walls" :) nice glimpses!

  2. Beautiful as always! (Betty)

  3. Oh!! I love your Easter dress, your whole family looks lovely on our favorite day of the year! I loved the drawing of the car on the road. I got the girls some window markers and it keeps my Heidi Lou busy for hours. Love you!

  4. You all look gorgeous in the last photo - it is filled with such joy.

    Boys will be boys, they pull things apart to see how they work and many times don't get them quite back together again!!


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