March 11, 2014

Sunshine at last!

Cherry blossoms are blooming.

The beginnings of happy leaves are popping out on the rose bushes.

Spring is in the air.

I am having...

Jasmine tea with steak's what's for dinner.

I am feeling...

Content with a day of sunshine and simple pleasures.
On my mind...

For me to live is Christ.

Is it only now, in my forties, that I am finally getting to know this Great Person?
Jesus Christ is a person, alive, and I have a relationship with him.

He delights my soul...I have so many longings that He wants to satisfy...will I let Him?

I see that at times I have treated Him like an ATM machine, pushing buttons to get my money - my answered prayers. When the money wouldn't come, I'd bang on the machine with frustration, fear and finally, despair. Maybe I should find another ATM machine?

No wonder the Lord says, will say, to many professing believers
 "depart from me, I never knew you." (Matt 7)

Some pictures to share...

The children had a pleasant romp with their friend Max and 
the Lord gave me another gift of diamonds today. 
He knows how much I love their sparkle. 

Max swimming in silky cold water.

Hunting for treasures.

First "dip" of the year.

The view from "my property."

(Not really, that is my pet name for a small parcel of land for sale. 
This would be the view from the quaint cottage in my dreams. Perhaps, someday?)

I'm currently leasing "my property" to some friendly locals.

(all photos taken by Sophia, as usual)


  1. Sophia must be feeling much better to be taking lovely photos again :) and I thank the Lord for His graciousness.

    The weather is still very wintery here (Western Ontario) the snow is coming down heavily today (after having been teased with warmer weather the last few days finally being above freezing, and now...sigh...). However all things work to the betterment and blessing of God's people (Romans 8:28)

    Today is a good day to remain indoors here, and think about how the Lord has blessed my husband and I with a beautiful home to stay in during this (another) storm. :)

    1. Hi Susan! Sorry it is so cold, though the kids would LOVE the snow. They have regretted all the rain and wish to build a snowman! Yes, thank God for our beautiful homes! We are happy for our little close to a pretty view. God bless you.

    2. Oh, Sophia is still "ailing." Her health issues don't keep her down, but they are a heavy burden in her life. Thank you for your continued prayers.

  2. I love seeing your thoughts on electronic paper! And Sophia's photos are was a happy day yesterday, just sitting in the sun... Max is a happy dog! (Betty)

    1. It was a happy day for us too! Thank you for the wonderful visit. On the way home from classes we stopped by the pier for a picnic lunch and by the beach to throw rocks. When the sun comes out we are ALL a bunch of happy little puppies. Loves,

  3. I think all of us are guilty of treating the Lord as our personal ATM machine. How blessed we are that He never leaves us. Love all the heartwarming images you have shared.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend!

  4. I love your view and that you are such a nice property owner to lease it to beautiful strangers! :-) Hugs. Miss you. I love the sunny days in the midst of all this rain we have had.


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