March 29, 2014

Still a boy, but not for long.

There was one last bag of the Summer blueberries in the freezer. A little flour, cinnamon, a splash of vanilla. I chopped some walnuts and tossed them into the batter.

"Are we having pancakes for breakfast?"

I looked up at my skinny boy, his wide grin full of teeth too big for him. 

"Yes, Love. A little different today, I added blueberries."

"Oh, Boy!" I smiled, thankful for his innocent exclamation. His skinny arms came around my waist and squeezed. "Don't forget your secret ingredient, Mom! It makes everything taste so good."  

I will miss these innocent days. 


  1. dang. that is a lot of blueberries. So proud of you working to protect Noah's innocence. It takes a lot of work and love to do that. So easy to give them to the "world"... Been thinking about you and your endeavors (on the computer, or on paper, or otherwise). Praying for God's blessing and favor over all that. Wouldn't that be great to be able to also to receive financial provision for doing what you love and are great at? makes me laugh for you... you know how we laugh for everything that makes us full in our heart... :). anyway, God bless you momma and God bless your special man of God in training.

    1. I was laughing a lot today for that reason, a full heart. Working on a "full heart" post right now. Love you,


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