March 21, 2014


Lemony sunshine on emerald grasses.

Bella, our neighbor's pony. 

"Hey kids, when ya gonna bust me outta this joint!"

This is my little kitchen, all clean and sparkly especially for you Joluise!

My morning seat, the sunniest spot in the house, that's if I beat Naomi to it. 
Sometimes our race for The Chair turns into a wrestling match...I usually win. 

My secret weapon: tickling.  

Always go for the jugular, works every time.

Sophia, checking her daily not

"Mom, it's 45 degrees in Paris right now. It's warmer in Italy. Do you want me to check China?"

My future world traveler.

A view of the promise.

Walking towards the promise, just a few blocks from our home.

The promise realized! "Our" beach.

Naomi Baloney took this shot...pretty good, huh?

And what a beautiful girl!

We are abundantly blessed with God's beauty so readily available to us.

This is the day which the LORD hath made; 
we will rejoice and be glad in it.


  1. Your kitchen is lovely and I like your splashes of red. I think you and have similar tastes. I have a sunny spot to, love to sit and read like you.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Peaceful! Your blog was soothing to my soul today. Love you!

  3. You are most rich! (Betty)

    1. Yep. Was reading through some old journals...all the pain and despair that the Lord has brought me through! I am indeed most rich!

  4. I love your beach! The weather looks wonderful where you are...we STILL have some snow on the ground, and we had intermittent flurries (light snow) all day long today and were at 20 degrees F...! It's March! Almost April! Oh well...we will jump from winter straight into summer this year for sure.

    Your house looks so comforting and peaceful. :) Sophia still feeling under the weather? Is it the flu?

    1. Thank you, Susan. Our house is peaceful, something I am thankful for every single day. God has been so good to me. Even with trials or strife, we can seek Him and believe without fear of being attacked for our faith. Think of Job's wife saying "why don't you curse God and die?" What a burden a spouse bears when married to an unbeliever, his or her faith is constantly attacked.

      God bless you as you patiently await the change in season.

      While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. Loves,


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