February 21, 2014


Today my mother would have been 62 years old. 
She was a wonderful woman and I am thankful that the Lord chose her for me. 
I regret that I didn't realize her great value and beauty until later in my life. 
I am so thankful for her friendship, for her guidance, for her true love. 

She was one of my best friends.
and I miss her every day.


 Here is a link to my personal tribute to her and her generous life. 


  1. Sadly we don't realise what we have lost (and their beauty and value) often until after we have lost someone dear to us. I had an aunt who never married and I lived with for a few years, I wish I had asked her more questions and listened far more, instead of being impatient when she wanted to talk. It is now too late.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. What a shock to find out how young she was when she died - younger than me! That was a beautiful and moving tribute you put together for her.


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